Why WPS is a Good Practice for Labors

When the question of giving salaries to the private sector employees, a good and fully managed wage system is highly demanded. In countries like UAE, this problem is very prominent. But it’s not anymore. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and QCB have collectively started a Wages Protection System (WPS) to ensure that all the salaries are to be paid via online banking system.

Every company which is covered by the labor law, number 14 of 2004 will be included under this system. But still they need to fulfill a few of the basic norms of this system. The company is required to keep the information of each and every labor in a CSV format. Every employee must also be given a unique ID. Even the bank, which will reject the appeal to open a salary account, will be punished by the government.

With this system, the government has ensured that each and every labor gets their salary at the right time without any unnecessary deductions. In case of noncompliance, legal action will be taken against the company.  So, below is an infographic which inculcates all the beneficial as well as vital information about the WPS. Share your views and opinion on this via comment section given at the bottom of this post.

WPS Infographic


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