10 Amazing Lock Apps that can be Used for WhatsApp

10 Amazing Lock Apps that can be Used for WhatsApp

The best way to protect your private and important data on your Android device could be to use locker or lock apps for your device. Here, these smart tools work on advanced techniques and offer you bunch of security features for improved security. In this article, we have discussed some of these useful tools in detail.

Security Lock

Use this app protector or app locker tool to secure all your installed apps on your device with a password or pattern. This easy to use tool allows you to secure your contacts, emails, messages, calls, photos, videos or everything on your device. To begin with, you need to set a passcode and set recovery email for the password details. It offers security lock options with various locking methods and even offers a stealth mode for your Android device. Further, it offers network lock including 3G, 4G data, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, uninstall prevention feature, backup & restore and many other features.

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Locker for Whats Chat App

Use this one of the best WhatsApp app lock tools to secure your private and important conversations in WhatsApp. Using this free tool, you can hide all your personal chats from others effortlessly. It works on intuitive design and user interface to offer enhanced user experience. This smart tool not only protects your WhatsApp chats but it also secures your complete app using a single PIN.

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App Lock

App Lock offers bunch of useful features in a simple and effective manner. You can use this tool to lock all your important contacts in a secure vault. Here, it offers enhanced security features to keep your private information secured against cyber or any other threat. In addition to that, it helps you secure your device settings, gallery, emails, calls and much more.

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Vault is trusted by millions of users around the world for its secured services. You can use this tool to protect all types of your data including photos, videos, messages, contacts, call logs, and much more. It further sends you call reminders whenever you get an incoming call from different sources. It further helps you secure your apps on the device with improved security features. In other features, it offers private browsing, cloud backup where you can back up your data on the cloud, data transfer and password recovery options.

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Fingerprint Pattern App Lock

This smart app offers multiple locking options where you can secure your data with pattern, passcode(PIN) or fingerprints option. It works on advanced technology to secure your data effortlessly. This powerful app is designed with splendid user interface and a lot of useful features. Here, you can use its fingerprint scan option with devices that support this feature. Additionally, it offers sound and vibration features and beautifully designed icons.

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Keypad Lock Screen

Use Keypad Lock Screen app to protect your data in a secured manner. It offers enhanced security features & functionalities to secure your data with a passcode. Further, it displays information like network, Wi-Fi connectivity and battery stats. In additional features, it allows users to change the background of the lock screen and offers multiple wallpaper options to select from. Here, it offers simple and clean design with less memory consumption.

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Private Zone

Earlier known as LEO Privacy Guard, Private Zone is one of the best locker apps for Android that keeps your data safe in 100% secured vault. It keeps your private information secured and away from cyber threats. You can use this tool to hide your pictures, videos, calls, contacts, messages and other information. It offers multiple themes and covers to help you customize your lock screen. In other features, it offers hidden app, clone app, free VPN, masks your GPS location & IP address, data backup/recovery, private browsing, privacy status, harassment intercept, Anti-theft, break-in-alert, phone boost and lot more.

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Safe Gallery

Safe Gallery as the name suggests offers a secure platform to keep your data safe. It helps you protect all your media files including audio files, photos, videos, web images and lot more. It offers multiple lock options where you can set a password, PIN, pattern or choose fingerprint option for better security. You can use this ad-free app even to secure GIFs on your device.

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Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro works on smart techniques where it stays on your device in a disguised form. Here, it cleverly disguised itself as an “Audio Manager” app in your app drawer. It offers secret vault features where you can keep your private photos, videos, messages, apps and other data in a secured manner. Here, it offers integrated video player, and slideshow and sharing feature with WhatsApp and other messaging apps. In other features, it offers multiple lock screen options, fingerprint unlock, escape PIN/password, built-in encryption tool, hide app icon, secret chat, private browsing, private messaging/calls and much more.

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LOCKitIn addition to securing all your important data, LOCKit also offers intelligent privacy protection features where it scans your privacy status and secures all your important files in a real time. It offers bunch of advanced security features to keep your privacy intact. In these features, it offers intruder selfie, fake cover, notification lock, notification cleaner, free themes, lock apps, lock Google Play Store, notification bar, hide pattern draw path, lock system and much more.

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Using lock apps for your Android device, you can reduce lot of your worries about data security. Here, these tools come built-in with abundant security features to keep your data security & privacy intact. Here, we have discussed some of the best lock apps for Android. If you know more such tools, feel free to comment below.

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