10 Effective Ways to Generate More Leads for your Online Business

10 Effective Ways to Generate More Leads for your Online Business

An online avenue has become an attractive form of business and an owner invests in an appealing, professional website in order to facilitate the trade as well as use it as a marketing tool. The guests may have started visiting you on the internet but is that traffic translating into leads showing interest in approaching you for buying. This is not an easy task as there is not much awareness about effective ways to generate leads which are essential for the scaling of any commercial organization. Here are some tips that can be used to convert the visits to your website into something fruitful.

10 Effective Ways to Generate More Leads for your Online Business

1. Conversion Audit

This is essential for planning your overall strategy of optimizing the business attracting potential of your website and almost all the other means of achieving that are in one way or the other dependent on it. Take help of professionals for a thorough auditing of your online venture who will then assess which pages have the highest conversion rates or are helping in creating leads. A number of factors are evaluated like design and content to understand this but on the basis of the report one can always optimize the best performing pages.

2. Using Google Analytics

Google’s wonderful service is elementary for anyone researching effective ways to generate leads as this ocean of data allows the owner to view and analyse every single detail about the site traffic. One can check the number of visitors, their demographic details and the source leading them there besides learning about in-page analytics which throw light on the click-through rate and the time spent on a single page. All this information is useful in making a complete assessment, which can be used in optimizing the best performing pages and approaching prospective customers.

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3. Forms

A form can be a very productive tool if it is placed on the right page and with the right number of fields.                Once a person has reached a landing page it is important to present a form that has few fields as people do not want to part with too much information. One may ask for name and email and a few details that are relevant to one’s trade as this information is enough for lead conversion without sounding too intrusive. Keeping product or service specific forms also helps as many visitors sole purpose is to look for an item of their choice or for help related information regarding the same. There should be an incentive to the person filling the form which could be anything from a free e-book to a discount coupon.

4.Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

The widespread usage and popularity of social networks can be harnessed to attract more and more people towards a venture and interesting them into approaching the outlet for more information. Placing advertisements in the network which are already driving majority of your site traffic will help in attracting more like-minded folks but this does not mean that the other outlets should be ignored. Armed with demographic figures from Analytics, one can devise promotion campaigns revolving around the gender, age group and locations of the audience who are already enthusiastic about your service.

5.Good Content

Never underestimate the power of the written word and harness it to optimize revenue generation potential of your online enterprise. Invest in quality content on the blog section of your website and take help from professional writers for it who can supply you with high standard, readable material which will lure readers again and again. These guests will be instrumental in recommending your merchandise to others aiding in image building and raising your profile which consequently will enlarge your user-base.

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6.Effective Landing Pages

A visitor reaches a landing page in search of a solution and therefore it is vital to have a organized landing page with complete focus on lead building. Ensure that the landing page has the information which in the first place brought the guest here and it is presented in an easy to read format stressing on how you are perfectly suited for solving the problem. A form should be present here with clearly stating the consequences of clicking the button at the end of it. This page is where actually a simple visitor is converted into a potential client so take care to create separate landing pages for all your offerings so that the target audience reaches you quickly.

7.Live Chat Service

Usually identified with customer care service, this feature is overlooked by most online entrepreneurs but they do not know that this post-sales facility can be used as an extremely productive pre-sales instrument. An individual may be interested in your offering after reaching your webpage but certain questions or doubts may be preventing him/ her from moving ahead. A live chat may encourage such a user to go ahead and make enquiries and the chat operator can always push the caller to make a sale or atleast schedule a demo or visit.

8.Strategic Call-To-Action Placement

These buttons which when pressed add a new user to the business are arguably the most vital features of any website and their positioning is the key to an enlarged clientele. You may have noticed that most successful enterprises place such buttons in the extreme right hand corner where it is almost impossible to miss them. Placing them at the end of a form is not enough and ask the professional at a reputed WordPress development service to insert them at such places on the website where a user may be inclined to click.

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9.Testimonials and Reviews

It is natural to trust the judgment of someone you know rather than a complete stranger and this simple human tendency can be harnessed for better lead generation. Get your existing buyers to write or better record a positive message for your service and share it on your website as well as all the other platforms like social media that you have a presence on. Not only the contacts of your existing client-base but also others may be influenced by their views. Apart from these comments and videos, also showcase any awards won by your firm in addition to displaying certifications and accreditations that have been awarded to it.


The popularity of smart devices has resulted in an upsurge in the number of people using such gadgets for watching videos. Creating visual content around the brand and uploading it on all available platforms like video sharing sites as well as social networks in addition to your own website will help create awareness about it and putting a link to the related page may drive traffic that can be used for lead generation.


It is vital that any entrepreneur moves ahead with proper research and thorough planning in order to achieve success as without such an approach these effective ways to generate leads will be rendered ineffective.

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