10 Gift Ideas to woo her on Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is the best season to express your love to your sweetheart. If she is the most treasured one in your life, you should be ready with the most beautiful gift. Nearby local market or online shopping, both would be of huge help to you to get the Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

Here is a list of 10 gifts that would woo your girl.

  1. A personalized chopping board is a lovely gift item that would make your girlfriend happy. This is an amazing gift for the girlfriend/wife of yours who loves cooking for you and spends an ample amount of time in kitchen.


  1. A jewelry holder filled with rings, necklace, and earrings to be placed at her dressing table with a small note saying I Love You would really fill her mind with extreme joy and pleasure.
  1. Present her a Valentine Diary with photographs, notes, and keep it at her bedside so that she wakes up with nostalgic and melancholic smile on her face.
  1. A weekend trip to a romantic destination would be a lovely idea to greet her happy valentine’s. Sometime, you need to be away from the hustle bustle of city life and the people all around so that you get a better chance to redefine each other.
  2. Go for a unique kind of show piece like a heart in a hand which would really melt her heart.
  3. Get a nice candle stand with picture of both of you on it and this would be the best valentine gift for her.
  1. Ask her out for an evening date and before arriving at her place, send her a lovely evening gown. Surely, her mood would be made for the day ahead.
  2. A handbag for her would be loved by her for sure. Fill up that bag with lots of chocolates and see the brightness on her face.
  3. Personalized cushion covers with her cute picture on it would be a lovely idea to woo her on valentine. Add some more joy with a bouquet of red roses.
  1. You can also go a bit traditional while gifting for the purpose of Valentine’s if your girlfriend has a love for these kind of things. Terracotta show pieces, or kitchenware’s sounds lovely as a Valentine’s Day gift for her.
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Always remember that whatever you choose should be researched well. Consider her taste and personality before buying some gift for her. Another important thing to remember is that you have to play a bit with the “surprise” element. The timing of the gift, the packaging of the gift, the placement of the gift should surprise her. If she thinks that you are not an adventurous one, surprise her with a midnight delivery of flowers. Do it walking a bit away from your comfort zone because you know she matters a lot to you.

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