10 Mind-Blowing Steps to Create a Perfect Wikipedia Page

10 Mind-Blowing Steps to Create a Perfect Wikipedia Page

If you want to create a perfect page for the Wikipedia, then it is must for you to carry out the following ten steps in the exact order to make a successful Wikipedia page.

  1. Learn About Wikipedia

Before you start working on the Wikipedia, either for Wikipedia page creation or for editing the existing Wikipedia pages, the first step that you need to trail is to study about the Wikipedia itself. Learn how things work at Wikipedia; what are the rules and restrictions for performing any activity on the Wikipedia pages. There are many guidelines and limitations that Wikipedia has set for everyone, who wishes to carry out any actions on the website. It will be really very helpful if someone would learn all those rules before they start working on the Wikipedia pages.

10 Mind-Blowing Steps to Create a Perfect Wikipedia Page

  1. Get a Registered Wikipedia Account

There are different language editions of the Wikipedia, and for every version, there are some mandatory rules. Getting a registered account is one the essential thing for creating a new page on the English Wikipedia and some other language versions of the Wikipedia. It does not cost people any fees to create the account on the Wikipedia website, but if you wish to create a fresh Wikipedia page, then you must possess a well-maintained account on the site.

  1. Start Small By Making Edits

It will be beneficial for everyone who wishes to create pages for the Wikipedia, to start with the practice by making small significant changes on the existing pages of the Wikipedia rather than directly jumping for the entire Wikipedia page creation. By making considerable edits, you will learn how things actually work on the Wikipedia website, and also how to carry out the rules properly while working on the Wikipedia pages.

  1. Carry Out a Thorough Research
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Carrying out proper research is vital for both the purpose, either you are editing the pages on the Wikipedia, or you are creating the whole new Wikipedia page. The information that you want to include the content of the Wikipedia page can only be obtained if you will do the refine and detailed research about the subject that you are working.

  1. Collect The References

Checking for the details through research is not enough, you also have to create proper documentation that has all the links of the websites from where you are gaining the information. Now, when you learn about the rules and limitations of the Wikipedia, you will come around to notice that Wikipedia only allows those links to be used as the references who are credible and must have enough visitors’ traffic. Any hyperlinks other than that is not acceptable as the reference and cannot be further used for the citation. If you found any news on the website that does not have a considerable amount of visitor traffic, then check for the same information on the other renowned websites, if the news is of great significance then it will surely be covered on any of the remarkable sites.

  1. Verify The Information

After you are finished with the research and making a document for the research that you have beendoing, recheck that the details that you have extracted from the websites are authenticated; this can only be done if you undergo with the data verification process. For confirming that the information is correct, you have to check multiple well-known and popular websites to verify that indeed the news is accurate and based on the actual facts and figures. After the verification, the process of research will finally be over.

  1. Review All The Rules
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Once you are through with the research and authentication procedure of the research, it is time to write the content for the Wikipedia page. But before you move forward towards the writing step, there is one little thing that you should do for extra credit. Make sure you review all the rules once more before you go ahead with the composition of the article of the Wikipedia page, as this will help you know that the place you are standing is perfect to take one more step ahead.

  1. Write The Article

After reviewing all the rules, place the research document in front of you, and start writing the article using the information that you had collected from different places. If you have reviewed the guidelines accurately, then you must have known that the writing tone should be neutral while you are on to writing the content. Also, there should not be any biasness while composing the material.

  1. Proofread The Material

Once you are done writing, proofread the entire material at least twice to be sure that the article does not have any blunders, and also the references are cited correctly.

  1. Submit For Verification

After you carry out all the above steps carefully, you submit the article for the Wikipedia community to go through with it and verify the info that you have added is accurate. The decision of the community usually comes around within a month after the submission. If the article is a perfect fit, then it is quickly approved by the community.

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