10 Tips to Start Making Your Home Family-Friendly

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Designing your home is equally thrilling and tiresome. But if you have a clean plan, this won’t be a problem. If you really have your home, redesigning it or making simple changes will lead to successful results.

Today, the trend in designing any home such as bungalow and kit homes is making it family-friendly. It’s safe and more fun for everyone including family friends and kids. The question is, how do you make your home family-friendly? Here are the tips to jumpstart with:

Buy double duty furniture

What is the double duty furniture? They are storage trunks, dressers as changing tables, and side tables with drawers. This double duty furniture will help you with overflowing items inside the house. It also hides away unnecessary clutter when it’s not in use. Always choose furniture that is functional in more than way.

Include practical storage

You can’t avoid clutter and it’s part of a family with children. It doesn’t need to take over your home. You can start by making storage space. You can put together baskets into empty corners as well as boxes into open shelves. Another suggestion is turning a closet floor into a toy bin by putting a 1×12-inch board inside the door to create a lip. Ensure that you can locate storage where it will be used. Also, make sure that the hooks, baskets, and storage are at kids’ level so they will learn to put their things on proper storage.

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Opt for open kitchen

Open kitchen that merges with the living room is a great place to accommodate all ages, creating a family hub where everyone can gather happily. With peninsulas and island units, make the edges rounded. For the shade of the counter, choose mid-neutral, matte shade. A natural color keeps the kitchen looks spotless. It should be practical and features wipeable fronts.

Show the dishes

Open kitchen means having open-storage cabinets showcasing the pretty dishes you have. Choose colors that will complement with the whole kitchen’s theme. With yellow and teal, it reflects the backsplash. If you have cookbook, put it in the island for easy access.

Select rugs for your common space

Rugs are trendy decoration at home but you should choose one that is easier to clean especially when it has spilled milk or food. Rugs soften and warm the space in your house and protect the floors from hyper kids. Don’t pick silks and viscose; opt for quilted hides, Persian rugs. This type of rug has dark and busy patterns as well as natural fibers that are easy to clean and hide some spots. Other options are sea grass, jute, and sisal as they are incredibly durable. Just remember when buying rugs: easy to clean.

Put some soft seating pieces in the living room

If you’re looking for other options on seating pieces for your living room, you can consider floor cushions, ottomans, and poufs. They are great especially when there are kids in the house. These seating pieces make the living room space laidback and more grounded.

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Choose a child-friendly fabric

Forget about leather, denim and washable canvas when you have children at home. Instead, choose fabrics that are wipeable, durable, and washable. Select one with removable covers so you can just throw them in the washing machine. A spare fabric is also recommended so you don’t need to launder them every day. You should invest in high quality and long –lasting fabric so you can still use them even when your family grows.

Pick a wood dining table

Having a rustic wood surface with splatter-paint detail means that there’s a kid or children in the house. A wooden dining table can handle food that was spilled on it and it’s safer because there are no sharp edges.

Display your family photos

When renovating your home, you can keep your family photos in a more personal area of your choice such as a hall leading to playroom or bedrooms. If you do this, you will leave the main room or living room look sophisticated and a bit cleaner. Now, if you’re too shy to show your family pictures, you can choose photos that highlight vacations and special events. Make sure that these photos can work in your interior design scheme.

Showcase the children’s art

With kids’ arts, you show to people that you’re proud of them; of what they have accomplished even when they’re young. Frame these arts as a special treatment and display them on your living room or common area. It makes the home young and modern.

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