10 Tips to take good care of your eyes

Here are simple steps we can adopt in our day to day life to take care of our eyes and preserve them:

1) Take1 minute breaks at 2 hour intervals in front of computer

Eyes get tired and dry by staring at the computer screen for long hours. As a matter of fact, the number of times we blink also is halved. So make it a must-do activity to take a break and close your eyes for a few seconds.

You can also consider placing a screen filter for the screen to reduce the harsh glare to the eyes.

eye care tips

2) Visit the ophthalmologist for regular eye check ups

Some people are of the opinion that only people who wear glasses need to visit the ophthalmologist regularly. But that is not true.

Let your doctor estimate the power and health of your eyes.

The more health complications or family history of health problems, the better it is to visit the ophthalmologist feequently.

3) Wear UV protection eye gear in the sun

UV rays affect everything from our skin to eyes etc… Protect your eyes by using a pair of sun glasses that keep the UV rays out of your eyes. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to do the job of keeping the UV rays of the sun out of your eyes.

You might not get the seriousness of the situation but UV rays can cause cancer and other eye complications.

4) Discard expired eye makeup products

Old makeup is a good breeding ground for bacteria. So do not hesitate to toss your old eye makeup in the trash if it is old or looks and smells weird.

Such old products if used might land up giving you an infection in the eyes.

5) Know your history

Sometimes you might land up being affected by ailments that are hereditary, passed on from your father or forefathers. So it becomes very important to know your family history, if any health condition that they may have faced like blood pressure or diabetes can sneak up on you and affect your eyes in the long run.

6) Eat for your eyes

There are certain nutrients that are great for your eyes like zinc and Vitamin A. Food that you can find them in include carrots (nothing surprising), cereals, lean meats and dark leafy vegetables.

7) Never ignore eye issues

Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. If you feel any sort of irritation, feeling of a particle in your eye, blurred vision, secretions or even something as simple as sensitivity to light, do not ignore!

Visit the ophthalmologist and find the cause and treatment to your eye problem.

8) Use safety glasses at work and during play

It is not only at work where you can injure your eyes. Apart from using machinery, even playing sports can cause a lot of injury to your eyes that might not be repairable.

So never keep a pair of polycarbonate glasses more than hands reach away.

9) Maintain proper contact lenses care

Contact lenses are very delicate. You need to handle them with proper care. Sterilized them regularly, carry them around in right containers, use appropriate cleansers and never use them in the pool or while you are around household cleaning products.

10) Read up on drugs before you consume them

Certain drugs or drugs in certain combinations can cause side-effects to our sight. So beware of what the label says on your medication and cross check with your doctor about medications he has prescribed and if it will react negatively with any other medicine you already are on.

If you notice any difference in your eyes such as watering, pain or redness, immediately stop the medication and rush to visit your doctor.

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