10 Top Issues to Cater For a Good Market Price

A stone building Description generated with very high confidence


Everybody hopes of getting a high price for their home. Minor faults in the house can drastically decrease the price of the house. Cater to the following things before the buyer inspection to have an upper hand during the negotiation phase.A stone building Description generated with very high confidence

Smoke Detectors: 

You need to make sure that there are functional smoke detectors installed in all the important places. You will need to install smoke detectors in the bedrooms, hallways and to the access point of the sleeping area. It is recommended to have at least one smoke detector on every level of the house.

Circuit Interrupter:

The GDCI units should be installed in all bathrooms, the garage,and the kitchen. You may also need to install this product on the outside receptacles as well. the ground fault circuit interrupter will prevent electrocution and will monitor the electrical current flow in the house. The circuit interrupter will cut off the electricity supply when it is triggered.Best Home Inspectors in Maplewood MN look for such safety measures when they are inspecting the property.

Window Screens:

You need to make sure that all window screens are properly installed.

Nail Heads:

Nail heads can cause moisture in the property that can lead to further issues. Make sure you caulk all nail heads on roof vents and plumbing vents.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: 

CO detectors are also important for the homes. You need to install them on all levels of the house. The best place for a CO detector is just outside the sleeping area as it will keep your family safe from this hazardous gas. The CO detector should be installed 3-5 feet above the floor level and there should be no furniture obstruction.

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Water Heater:

Be sure that all the water heaters in the house are equipped with seismic straps. These straps will help to protect against damage in case of an earthquake.


You need to trim all the vegetation from the sides of the house before the buyer’s inspector come to inspect your property.

Clearance to Major Systems:

You need to make sure that is safe and proper access to all the important systems and places in the house such as a furnace, HVAC system attic,and crawlspaces. Take help of the thermal imaging in Maplewood MN to identify any bacterial or mold issues in these damp and cold places.


Complete the trim and paintwork within the time. This can be used for negotiating the final price of the property.


Repair all the fogged windows of the house as they can also be used to lower the final price of the house.


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