10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

When you start working in a web design company for the first time, you get the opportunity to learn lots of new things and become a better professional. However, during the first few months, your team leader scrutinizes your work thoroughly to decide whether you are good enough to sustain in this business or not. Even a small mistake in your work can put your career in jeopardy. There is no need to feel nervous though. Have confidence in your skills and avoid the silly web design mistakes mentioned below.

10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

No visual communication: A web user spends only a few seconds in a site to understand what it is all about. So, make sure that visitors can understand the purpose of the site as soon as they land on the home page. The images and text should indicate what type of products/services are offered to the customers.

Confusing Colour Scheme: Novice web designers often use too many colours in website design and spoil the visual appeal of the site. Multiple colours tire the eyes and drive consumers away. Moreover, each colour sends a psychological message and wrong colour combination can be disastrous for your client’s business. Pick two or three colours that suit the brand image of your client and make sure that the combination is eye soothing.

Unreadable Content: Great colour combination and high quality graphics bring visitors to your site, but conversion rate depends on the text content. If people can’t read the USP of your client’s business, they will never click on the “buy” button. Therefore, don’t use fancy fonts and avoid making the font size too large or too small. Just make sure that visitors can read the website content comfortably.

Lack of Corporate Transparency: Include the privacy policy so that customers can feel secure while sharing their personal data. If they subscribe for newsletters, then you should offer them an “unsubscribe” option as well. Show respect to users’ privacy and they will start trusting your site.

No Search Facility: A large e-commerce website can feature thousands of product pages. Similarly a web design blog can contain thousands of articles. Users don’t have the time to go through all the web pages. They want fast information and access to the right product pages. So, you must embed a search tool in the website. Users can type any relevant keyword in the search tool and find whatever they are looking for.

Confusing Navigation: Whether you work in a web design company or still studying web design, you must know that the navigation of a website is its lifeline. The menu should be designed properly to help users go from one page to another effortlessly. If the site has too many pages, a drop-down menu is a good option. Make sure that the sub pages are logically categorized under the main menu.

Using Flash intro Without Skip Option: Flash is almost an extinct technology. It is bad for SEO and majority of mobile operating systems have stopped supporting Flash. Flash intro makes a website heavier and increases page loading time. However, if you have to use a Flash intro, then don’t forget to include a “skip intro” option to help users access the main pages without wasting their time.

Wrong Image Format Selection: Always use web friendly image formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF while designing a site. Make sure that the images files are lightweight to decrease page loading time.

Crowded Page: It is crucial to leave some white space in the web pages. Too much text and images look unprofessional and visually disturbing. A simple, clean layout encourages visitors to spend longer time in the website.

Loading Speed : Technology has changed and now most of customers are using smartphone for operating any website. If your website loading speed is slow then you will lose your audience. So try to control on website speed and check in Google Speed & Gtmetrix. These two types of tools will provide you complete information where is main issue and how to reduce loading speed.

Mistakes are a part of any web designer’s career. However, reputed web designers in any web design Vadodara don’t repeat their mistakes. So, try to enhance your knowledge and you will gradually achieve perfection in work.

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