12 Fun Beach and Water Activities to Enjoy During Summer

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One way to enjoy the summer days is hitting the beach. Whether you’re with friends or families, having a day or weekend at the beach is always a good idea; even a good way to bond. Nothing makes the beach visit more fun than having good beach activities.

Both kids and adults can enjoy the beach. With so many possible activities on both seashore and water, it’s almost impossible to dislike going to the beach. Here are some suggested beach and water activities you can do on your next visit:

Sandcastle building

This activity is excellent for both kids and adults. It can simple or elaborate but the most important thing is that it makes the kids and adults happy. It’s one way to bond over beach. There are no special tools or instructions needed – only a creative mind. Small cups and pails can be more helpful in shaping the sandcastle.

Sorting of shells

This is more of a child activity but adults may also enjoy especially if they are into shells and anything beach. Sorting of shells is a fun way of starting a new hobby or collections. Gather as many different kinds of shells as you can and sort them according to categories you like such as color and size.

Beach volleyball

This beach activity is popular among families and friends. It can be a friendly game or with little competition. Rules in the traditional volleyball game can be adapted but of course, you can decide which ones are to follow and not. Remember that this activity is just for fun.

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Tug of war

This activity can be done in the beach as well. You can use towels that are tied together or skipping ropes. Groups should be standing at the water’s edge. Ensure that the middle of the rope or towel is just right over a line drawn in the beach sand. Each team will hold the end of the rope and start to pull it to their team. It’s enjoyable because the teams might end up in the water!

Picnic at the beach

Park is not the only place where you can have picnic with family or friends. You can take it to the next level: picnic at the beach! Beaches these days are allowing people to have picnic on the seashore. You can bring sandwiches, wings, crackers, salad, and more. But be reminded that alcoholic drinks shouldn’t be brought in the beach. When having picnic at the beach, make sure to put them in a well-insulated cooler to keep them safe from the sun or become spoiled.

Get a beach massage

Massage is not only available in spa centers; they are now being offered in beach resorts especially the luxury ones. Having a spa massage on the beach is one of the best ways you can enjoy your stay. You deserve pampering yourself after all the hard work. There are now beaches and resorts like Towoon Bay beach resort that offer therapeutic massage. Grab this service to relax and enjoy your stay at the beach.


Looking for an invigorating water activity? Try kayaking! It helps you to get up close and personal with the cool waves. Most beaches now are offering kayaks for rent and they will give you guide and instruction especially if you’re new to the activity.

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Paddleboard balancing

Paddleboarding has inflatable paddle board review become popular water activity these days. If you’re not experienced with this activity, you can ask for professional help with beach personnel. There are so many beaches that are offering paddleboards for rent and instruction for use


Scuba diving is an adventurous water activity. Scuba is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. This water activity requires training before you jump into the water. You need to learn how to breathe properly only using a tube and tank. Moreover, you are required to know safety precautions you should apply during a dive. Scuba diving lets the diver to see a whole new world – the spectacular underwater. For not experienced divers, you should take classes in any certified diver centers.


The difference of snorkeling from diving is that it doesn’t need training. You just simply swim along the surface of the water while looking down at the coral and other sea creatures. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have any skills or training. You can see the complex sea ecosystem without sweat.


Parasailing is an exciting beach activity. There are two things in this activity: water and wind. Get strapped into a parachute, pulled up into the air, and float above the water. Parasailing gives you a panoramic view of the entire beach while feeling the cool breeze. Parasailing is a good activity for both kids and adults.


Surfing is one of the famous beach activities. It’s more exciting to surf when the weather is a little bit rough. The size of the waves always depends on the direction of the surges and the time of year. There are available surfing guide that can help for beginners.

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