18 Weird Facts About Social Media Marketing You Should Know

Nowadays, social media has become the essential part of digital communications strategies. There are currently 3.03 billion active social media users, (2.8 billion of which access their social media accounts through mobile phone). Moreover, Social media delivers measurable results in leads, sales, and branding for your business. Almost, the maximum number of businesses now utilize social media for marketing and those efforts are required to continue to increase, so far many marketers and top executives alike discover the business value difficult to quantify.

18 Amazing Facts About Social Media Marketing for Your Brand

Actually, Social Media Marketing [SMM] is an extremely tracked place with a comprehensive statistics, trends, analytics, and behaviors! Everything on the internet is tracked from congenial times of engagement, click through rates, likes, reactions, referral traffic to even demographics!

In a rapidly evolving landscape, the small and large-scale business owners/marketers must stay on top of their social media competition by testing out current industry trends and strategies throughout the app updates and emerging consumer behavior. Here, we have put together an important list of 18 amazing facts about social media marketing that you should know to promote your brands and engage your fans and followers throughout the year. Use this stats to inform your strategy, fuel campaigns, and trounce the game.

Let’s take a dive into the world of social media marketing facts and statistics. Keep these social media facts in mind while building your social media marketing plan!

1. 64% of online customers say that a video on social media helped them decide on a product to purchase.

2. Seventy-one percent of small businesses plan to utilize social media content to attract new consumers in 2018.

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3. 93% of Pinterest users utilize the platform to plan or make shopping.

4. According to Forbes report, Facebook mobile ads account for 87% of advertising incomes and stood at $8 billion in Q2 of 2017.

5. There are above 65 million business pages currently utilizing Facebook Business Pages.

6. Almost, 65.8% of US companies with 100+ employees utilize Twitter for marketing. Learn how to do Twitter marketing for your business.

7. 52% of marketers said that “Facebook is the most powerful social media platform they utilize to grow and market their business.” And LinkedIn got second place with 21%, accompanied by Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus.

8. There are 96% of small business owners & marketers do social media marketing, and 92% of those agree with the idiom, “Social Media Marketing is essential for my business.”

9. 60% of the top brands on Instagram utilize the same filter for each post.

10. Above 3 million companies have created LinkedIn accounts to market their business.

11. There are 78% of people who complain to a brand by Twitter expect a response within an hour.

12. Tweets with video are six times more probably to be retweeted than tweets with photos.

13. Facebook accounts for 53.1% of social logins made by customers to log into the websites & apps of publishers and brands.

14. Tumblr has 230 million active monthly users globally. And it is adding 120,000 new users every day.

15. 84% of CEOs and VPs says that they utilize social media to help make shopping decisions.

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16. Consumers spend more money (20%-40%) on brands who engage right with them on social media.

17. Instagram gains $595 million in mobile ad income per year, and the number is increasing rapidly.

18. The best days to post on Instagram are Monday & Thursday. And the ideal times to post are 2 a.m, 8-9 a.m, and 5 p.m.


Hence, these are the must-know facts & statistics about Social Media Marketing for your brand. Besides, if you have any other interesting social media marketing facts & statistics you would like to add, Let us know in the comments!

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