3 Exercises That Are Great for Your Vertical Jump!

3 Exercises That Are Great for Your Vertical Jump!

If you are a basketball or volleyball player, there is a good reason why you would think about increasing your vertical jump.

Even if you don’t play these exact sports, training to have a higher vertical jump is useful for many different athletic competitions.

If you are looking for the best exercises to accomplish this, look no further!

Keep reading below to find out some excellent exercises to increase your vertical jump!

3 Exercises That Are Great for Your Vertical Jump!

Jump Roping is Great for Jumping!

If you want to increase your vertical jump, a jump rope is a wonderful place to start.

A jump rope is great for improving your cardiovascular fitness, and it can increase how high you jump in a variety of separate ways!

Benefits of jump roping include:

  • Jump roping will help you to lose weight and have lower body fat.
  • Jump roping will improve the strength and power of your calves, helping you to quickly explode off your feet.
  • Jump roping will help your ankles and knees to be healthy and strong.

A good jump rope workout can be very simple.

One of the best ways to train on the jump rope is to do intervals of 30 seconds on, and 30 seconds off.

After 15 or 20 minutes of this, you will be very tired!

Keep up the jump roping for a few weeks, and you will see how much easier you can leave your feet!

Squats Are Your New Best Friend!

If you truly want to jump higher, you are going to need to be working on your squats!

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However, traditional back squats are not your only option here.

In fact, most people cannot properly perform a back squat, and shouldn’t do them at all!

Instead, you should focus on front squats or goblet squats.  Both of these squat variations are excellent for helping to improve your vertical leap!

The goblet squat is especially useful for people who have not lifted weights often in their life.

Regardless which variation you choose, squats are going to be necessary for you to have a high vertical leap!

Use Intelligent Plyometric Training!

Plyometric training is necessary to improve the height you can jump, but it can also be dangerous.

Many forms of plyometric training can damage your knees and hips, and you should only do it in moderate amounts.

If you would like to do some plyometric training, box jumps and jump squats are two of your best options.

Both jump squats and box jumps are relatively safe for your joints and will greatly benefit your vertical jump.

Another option for plyometric training is to do your plyometrics in a pool, but this is only an option if you have a pool available.

Aquatic plyometrics take a lot of the impact force off your joints, so it is much safer for you.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are interested to learn a more in-depth approach to the vertical jump, you should check out the vertical jump program from Adam Kemp Fitness!

There are a lot of expensive vertical jump programs on the market, but you don’t need to spend your money on any of them.

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Instead, focus on using simple tips which can make a substantial impact.

The exercises listed above are all examples of great training techniques to quickly improve how high you can jump!

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