3 Legitimate Tips to Help You Run Faster and Jump Higher!

If you want to run faster and jump higher, it is going to take more than hopes and dreams!

It is going to take a lot of challenging work, and a very good training schedule.

Sprinting and jumping work very similar methods, which is why most people who can run fast; jump high.

If you would like to get better at both actions, follow the tips below!

3 Legitimate Tips to Help You Run Faster and Jump Higher!

Tip 1: Start with Losing Weight!

If you want to run faster and jump higher, that is not going to happen if you are over 12% body fat.

In fact, you should be as close to 8% body fat as possible (if you are a male).

Losing weight is one of the easiest ways to run faster and jump higher because your body will simply have less mass to move.

A lot of your weight loss should be accomplished through using a sprint training or vertical jump workout plan, but it can also be accomplished through your diet.

Start by cutting approximately 500 calories from your regular diet and keep this up for a few weeks.

If you are doing consistent weight training, your metabolism will naturally increase as well.

Weight loss is not difficult if you are already exercising consistently, you will probably only need to fine-tune your diet a little bit!

Tip 2: Do A Lot of “Power” Exercises!

Back squats and deadlifts are two notable examples of strength exercises, but these are not exactly the best for increasing your vertical leap or running speed.

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Sure, they can help you to some extent.

If you really want to move explosively, you need to do explosive exercises.

Two excellent examples of this are the prowler sled push, and the power clean.

Both movements will help your body learn to transfer energy as efficiently as possible and will make a huge difference in your running speed and jumping height.

Do these and other “power” exercises to make big improvements!

Tip3: Practice Running Fast and Jumping High!

If you truly want to get better at these movements, you need to practice doing them often.

If you would like to improve how fast you run, get out on a track or football field and run some sprints!

Not only is this a good workout for your muscles, but it will also help you to naturally improve your form. Over time, you will become much more efficient with your movement pattern.

The same concept goes for jumping as well!

Doing straight vertical jumps can get boring, but “trying” to dunk a basketball repeatedly, and in various ways, can really challenge your legs!

You will also become much more coordinated in the process as well.

If you practice running fast and jumping high, you will become better at it!

Concluding Thoughts

No matter what, it is going to take a lot of effort on your part to improve your running speed and vertical jump.

Luckily, it is not impossible.

Even people who are not genetically gifted have the ability to improve their attributes in both categories.

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Use the tips listed above, and you will surely find more success with sprinting and jumping!

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