3 Most Trusted and Preferred Car Brands in UAE

3 Most Trusted and Preferred Car Brands in UAE

In Dubai where every second car enthusiasts do not compromise for brand consciousness and luxury. A breath-taking collection with sparkle and tremendous colors of these cars let them enforce to get change their car after regular interval of 3 years maximum. Yes, they change cars as weather changes after every 6 months cycle. Brand conscious people cannot let it go if they do not get the car of their own choice. Whereas the concern of buying a car, those who are staying can buy a car even if it is million worth but those who are visitors don’t like to spend a healthy amount on cars just for three or four months so, car rental is the better option they ought to pick up.

After a great research, I am that able now to find a distinction between top four car preferable brands who have gotten a dynamic value since the last hundred decades. There is uncovered a list of top 4 car brands in the UAE, have just won hearts of uncountable car lovers in Emirates. Let have a look at these trends!


Toyota Corolla was already the world’s favorite client’s viewpoint not only in UAE but all over the world. In fact, Toyota has been recorded its topmost favorite car brands are sold in Gulf; they introduced a model on the long-term planning basis. Despite being timely famous, Toyota has given solid models that remain ‘in’ for a long time. Their verdict is ‘an asset cannot buy on daily-basis’ so they planned accordingly with the theme this theme of stretch usage. Toyota Fortunately, Corolla also rests the most well-known car from Toyota in the UAE, amazingly standing with another model which is Toyota Land Cruiser. Not only best bubbies of the road, but these cars also present on the finest resale values to the customer. Land cruiser also gets fame on the roads of UAE. It understands the behavior of roads in Dubai. These two are most popular and safety models of Toyota that you will found any of them somewhere in your vision anywhere.

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BMW in the UAE is famous for a cause that its estimated 15% sale happened in Gulf region in 2013. It was the 3rd record-breaking year when company earn the best name and cash from all over the world in the auto manufacturing industry but most prominently in the UAE as well. The BMW X5 though was amongst the toppers in record-keeping the uppermost numbers of trades across Gulf. Most UAE customers are crushed by its driving fine and stressed on handling. With its sportier glances and perfect execution, the X5 is not the only best-selling car. BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and BMW M3 are also the focal point of care for customers here due to their supportive features.


Nobody can forget the day when Nissan has earned a best as a “best-recorded sales for Altima” in the Middle East. This news was broke up a blazing rumor during a single night that Nissan was already doing a crore worth business in Dubai. Now, this brand is earning the whole market. This is a Japanese car brand and always have produced up to mark models. These include most prominently Nissan Sunny.

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