3 solid reasons why you should develop iOS Apps

3 solid reasons why you should develop iOS Apps

Whether you are a small-medium business or a large enterprise, a mobile app can certainly improve your presence in the market. If it’s not going to be a revenue generating tool, then it can be a platform for marketing, and customers-support or for employees, business, and partners. So, apps can power businesses in a variety of ways. With the dedicated mobile app development, businesses have modern modes of sales, marketing, promotion, support, coordination, and cooperation. Apps give businesses with new means of expanding their horizons.

3 solid reasons why you should develop iOS Apps

So, mobile devices and apps are becoming the need of every business, regardless its size and sort. But, the availability of more than one mobile platform has now started to confuse businesses. To launch an app on several platforms, a business needs to spend on each of individual app projects. Of course, they need to spend more in every single project, too.

Now if you have planes to build apps for the most lucrative segment of the mobility, it’s none other than iOS – the operating system by Apple.  Yes, iOS has been making the most part of the total mobile app revenue for several years. The gap between the revenue generated by iPhone apps on iOS platform and others continues to widen. There is still no competitor in the market for the revenue produced by iOS apps.

The app store has more than 2.3 million iPhone apps and, all of them are of the best quality. Apple already has a strict app approval policy, which does not let the bad or low quality apps become available on the App Store. Many businesses have really climbed the ladder of success with iPhone application development.

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Even many small-medium businesses are looking forward to strongly position them in the market through iPhone application development. Are you still in doubt for implementing iOS apps in your business? Let us present you with more reasons to choose iPhone over others.


The wealthiest user base

 iPhone is an expensive device, as we know. Studies have shown that iPhone devices are generally owned by the people who want security, status and consistency. iPhone is just for that. iPhone delivers the true value of money we spend on it. Most of the iPhone owners are generally those people, who have higher social-economic status, who own credit cards and are willing to pay for online products like an app. So the iPhone user base is wealthiest one and is ready to pay for iPhone apps. When a business offers an app on the App Store, the app gets better response from users; they are those users who actually run the entire app economy.


The iOS market is less fragmented

iOS is the close-source mobile OS and used only by Apple in its devices like iPhone and iPad. The company has all the control on its OS, its versions, updates, and bug-fixes. When new iPhones hit the market, or a new iOS version is released, everything comes from a single source, Apple. This just does not happen with Android.


Android is an open-source platform. It lets you make changes so that the OS can be prepared for s particular segment of devices. There are many companies, which do that and bring in their own series of Android devices. This creates a lot fragmentation in the market.

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Apple: A trusted brand

 The more a brand or business is trusted by users, the more it is accepted. This trait has always been with Apple and all it devices including iPhone. Users love using Apple devices and, they have complete trust and acceptance in the market from users. So if your business is also trying to become the part of this legacy, you will certainly enter in the most moneymaking consumer-segment.

Welcome to the world of Apple’s smart mobility!!!


Author Bio. :- James Stewart is a digital marketing expert in Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS app development services across the global. He loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.

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