3 Tips to Help You Appear Slimmer than You Are for Date Night!

3 Tips to Help You Appear Slimmer than You Are for Date Night!

If you are heading out for date night but haven’t had the time to get to the gym (in the last few months), there are still ways to make yourself appear more “fit” before you meet your date.

A lot of people have stress and anxiety about their body shape, but this takes time to change.

If you only have a day, or as few hours to get yourself looking great (on the outside at least), there are still a few tricks you can use!

Keep reading below to find out the best ways to look slimmer for your date night!

Tip 1: Do A Lot of Planks in the Morning Before!

If you want to look a little bit slimmer without a lot of effort, firming up the muscles in the midsection is one way to give you this appearance.

This trick will not work well if you are going to be out in a bikini or swimsuit, but it can work great for both men and women in some scenarios.

The key is to do this just a little while before you leave for your date.

Sit-ups or crunches aren’t going to do so well for you, but planks (and even push-ups) will have a bigger effect.

Essentially, all you will be doing is improving your posture and forcing your muscles to contract, which will bring your waistline in a little bit.

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It won’t make a huge change, but it is enough for many people to feel more confident and comfortable!

Try 3-5 sets of 1-minute planks.

Tip 2:Drink Green or Matcha Tea All Day!

Don’t rely on a “detox” or weight loss tea, because those could give you some unique stomach issues I am sure you don’t want.

Instead, only use these fat fighting super teas!

Green and matcha tea are excellent for weight loss, and they are also good for cleaning your stomach.  Whether you are retaining too much water, or you ate a little too much the last few days, green tea and matcha tea can help “balance” your body.

It is important to start from the morning, and cut your tea drinking off about an hour before you leave for your date.

If you drink a few cups of green tea in the morning before, you will probably even look a little bit more vibrant as well!

Green tea and matcha tea both contain powerful antioxidants, which can help you appear more youthful over time.

This change won’t happen in one day, but one day can still make a small difference!

Tip 3: Wear Clothes that Truly Fit You!

Most people don’t know that the clothes you wear make an enormous difference on how fit you look, but it is legitimately true.

Along with this, shapewear can help you look good in almost any clothes!

Whether it is a thicker fabric, slimming dresses, vertical stripes, or any other trick to visually appear smaller, they can all help you feel more confident.

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It is great if you are confident with yourself no matter how you look, but some people are not fortunate enough to feel that way.

Shapewear, such as “Spanx,” is another good option to help your clothes appear to fit better.

Concluding Thoughts

Wearing clothes that make you appear to look slimmer is not a long-term solution, but it can make a significant impact on the present moment.

Over time, you can do physical exercise to help you truly become in better shape.

However, these tips listed above are all great ways to help you look slimmer for one very important night!

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