4 Potent Content Marketing Growth Hacks That Will Transform Business

‘People are difficult to understand’ this statement can be justified by these questions; What is it that really interests them and holds their attention? What would make them want to click “buy now”?

Every business aims to answer these questions, but very few are able to deliver the right message, effectively. Growth hacks are tried and tested tactics to optimise your content marketing campaign. If your business is in a rut and your blog isn’t getting any viewership, these are some simple hacks you can apply, to get things moving.

4 Potent Content Marketing Growth Hacks That Will Transform Business

  1. Invest in quality content

Creating well-researched, in-depth content which holds the reader’s attention should be the primary focus of your content marketing. 78% of customers believe that businesses that provide custom content are invested in building good relationships. Your content should inspire the consumer to take action. A good digital marketing services company would be able to guide you on how to go about this.

For example, the home improvement business, Home Advisor, knows exactly what their readers want. Their blog Home Source has lots of handy tips, contractor information and fun DIY projects for your home and garden.

The way you present content is also important. No one will read a block of text no matter how interesting it is. Clustering is an effective way of organising information to appeal to the reader with the use of bullet points and subheadings.

Quote research, statistics and outline specific examples to give your reader a clear picture of what you intend to communicate. For reference, read again and see what we’ve done in this bullet point.

  1. Viral content with a catchy title
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The title is the most important part of your blog that either attracts the reader or makes them click “next”. Viral content inspires emotion in the viewer.

32% of viral content is associated with evoking laughter and amusement whereas 25% is awe-inspiring. In order for content to catch your consumer’s eye, the title has to communicate the blog content perfectly. To come up with the best title, use analytics to see what has been shared or liked most frequently. Ignite a sense of urgency and trigger emotions with your title to get maximum views. Human beings are also driven to search for answers when there is a gap in information. For example: “5 Super Easy Exercises to Burn Your Belly Fat Overnight” is a great title that encompasses all these features. A digital marketing services company will be able to optimise your title and content for search engines as well.

  1. Revamp old content

One of the easiest growth hacks for your content marketing is to revamp old content and redirect it into new avenues. Create SlideShare presentations or attractive YouTube videos with previously written content. Sharing this old content in a new package on relevant social media platforms is sure to garner your audience’s attention. After all, four times more people are likely to watch a video than read a post.

4 Potent Content Marketing Growth Hacks That Will Transform Business

  1. Clever use of social media

Most businesses are active on social media, but very few know how to use it effectively. Some great hacks for social media marketing are to publish posts at different times of the day and the use of pop-up ads for call-to-action. Moreover, you can contribute to discussions on relevant groups specific to your field. This will increase your business’ credibility and people will take note of the content that you share on your page.

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The success of your business hinges on content marketing. It can be overwhelming to keep up with trends and make the right decisions regarding how to promote yourself. Use these growth-hacks to transform your business. So don’t waste your precious time and get started today!

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