4 Romantic Places to Visit in Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

Have you ever heard of the light of Lisbon? For centuries it has inspired poets, musicians, photographers and painters, as well as drawing out sighs from travelers and locals.

The magic of the light of the Portuguese capital is a reflection of a union of elements such as its geographical position, the amount of solar exposure it receives all year, the color of its houses and also the stones of the Portuguese sidewalk. But what is the reason for raising this issue in this month’s column? Is that the charm caused by it is also responsible for bringing couples in love here, whether on honeymoon, wedding or simply to celebrate love. If you really planning to visit these amazing city book flights to Lisbon from London & across UK. Thus, below mentioned are the list of best romantic places that can enter your romantic itinerary in Lisbon at any time of the year.

Lisbon Portugal

  1. Strolling along Av. Da Liberdade is perfect for your romantic itinerary in Lisbon

Hitting the city leg is one of those programs that cannot miss in a script for Lisbon. First by the ease of access between the attractions and then by the charm that has its streets.

The Avenida da Liberdade is one of those strategic routes that is worth the trip at any time. It connects the Marquês de Pombal Square to the historic center. So, it turns out to be the way for many travelers – especially those who stay in the surroundings of the Square and in the neighborhood of the New Avenues.

This is also one of the most expensive avenues in the world, but that is not why we suggest your visit. You do not have to put your hand in your pocket for good times.

  1. See Lisbon from the Mirador São Pedro de Alcântara
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Lisbon is popularly known as the “City of Seven Hills” that is, one of the most classic programs in the city is undoubtedly to see the city from the top of its viewpoints (or belvederes, for the intimate).The climb is tough, but always worth it. This is one of those tours that you can do in any season.

Do you know that place to make a wedding request? So … Besides the fabulous view, with a panoramic view that includes the Castle of São Jorge, Baixa, the Cathedral and the river Tagus in the background, the area in which it is inserted has a well-kept garden, a beautiful fountain and a gridiron that resemble hearts.

The best is that you can include this easy, easy viewpoint in the script, because it is next to Chiado – which is one of the must-see areas of the city for eating and sightseeing, and Bairro Alto, the most bohemian in Lisbon. That is, you can go in the morning, afternoon or evening.

  1. Have a coffee at FábricaLisboa

The Portuguese capital has great cafes, bakeries and confectionery scattered around every corner. It is difficult to choose one to indicate. However, taking into account the proposed theme, which combines the mood of romance with the light of Lisbon, we highlight one that is in our heart: FábricaLisboa.

Located in the historical center of the city, with easy access by the Baixa, next to the hill of the Castle of St. George, it has a footprint different from a good part of Lisbon’s offer.

Do not go thinking you will find cream cake and typical Portuguese convent candies. Although we are passionate about traditional confectionery, it is difficult not to melt down one of the croissants of this cafe and the decor, oh the decor! It’s like dating hidden in the living room or in the kitchen of a Portuguese grandma rs.Here the light of Lisbon enters timidly through the window and the door, completely transforming that rather rustic environment, with wooden furniture and details of the stone wall. On one side, a huge bookcase combines symbols typical of Portuguese culture and traditions; on the other, double tables share space with antique phones, books and other vintage objects.

  1. Sitting on the edge of the Tagus River in Ribeira das Naus
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To close the selection of places that awaken hearts in the Portuguese capital, a true and deep love relationship: Lisbon and the Tagus River.

One of the best points to enjoy the late afternoon in Lisbon is along AvenidaRibeira das Naus, an area that connects Praça do Comércio to Cais do Sodré. This space was totally revitalized in 2014 and has become one of the darlings of the current Lisbon.

Imagine the scenery: a view of the 25 de Abril Bridge and Cristo Rei, seagulls dancing on the water, boats crossing the banks, cool afternoon breeze and soundtrack made by street musicians.


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