4 Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Cooler in India

Air Cooler in India

When it comes to keeping the home cool, most people think about buying an air conditioner. While it may good for many people to opt for an air conditioner, it may not be affordable for all. It is because an air conditioner is not only expensive, but it also consumes more power spiking your electricity bill.

However, a more economical and environment-friendly home appliance to beat the summer heat is none other than an air cooler. It is available at a price much lower than that of an AC and consumes up to 80% less power. What’s more, an air cooler is also an environment-friendly option as it uses water as the refrigerant.

But, if you are looking to get the best of the air coolers this summer, then you need to consider some points beforehand. Following such tips will surely help you buy an air cooler that will work wonders for you. Learn more as you read on!

Consider these points before purchasing an air cooler

1)    The area to be cooled

If the area that you want to be cooled is a large one, and if you are buying a personal cooler to do the job, then it won’t serve the purpose. It will strain the cooler which will lead to an increase in the power bill due to extra consumption of power. Thus, the first thing will be calculating the area to be cooled and then picking up a cooler. For a small room, a personal cooler may work and a desert type for a medium room. 

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2)    Variable speed option

The air that has been cooled after passing over the water soaked pads is circulated into the room by a blower or fan. The continued operation of the fan at a fixed speed may not be guaranteed. Hence, buyers should opt for a cooler with variable speed feature to reduce the fan speed after the room is decently cooled. It would lead to optimized power consumption and help in controlling it.    

3)    Water tank capacity and indicator

Another aspect that you should look at while buying the best of the air coolers is checking their water tank capacity. It should not be that you need to wake up in the dead of night to fill the water. It will disturb your sleep and may waste your day. Hence, you should pick a cooler with enough water capacity to last an entire night.

It will ensure a sound sleep, and you will wake up the next morning refreshed. Also, buying an air cooler that comes with a water indicator is also good. It will help you know when it’s the time to fill in the water in the tank.  

4)    Portability

An air cooler should also help you take it from one room to another. Most of the air coolers these days come with wheels to help you use it anywhere as per your need. An air cooler should also have the inverter capability to let you enjoy uninterrupted cooling even during the power cuts.

Leading air cooler brands come with the wheel along with the inverter compatibility option. You should quickly compare all air coolers deals online to pick the best ones as per your needs and budget.

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Shop for air coolers on EMIs and save more

Some of the best considerations that you should make while deciding on an air cooler are discussed. If you are looking to break the cost of an air cooler over a tenor and not pay the entire amount at once, then you can do that.

You can divide the cost of your air cooler over a tenor and pay only fixed EMIs per month and nothing extra. This way, you can save while choosing the No Cost EMI facility offered by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India.

You can now go ahead and buy an air cooler of your choice on EMIs across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network all over India.

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