4 tips to consider before purchasing an iphone tempered glass screen

It is heartbreaking when we drop our iPhone and the screen cracks dramatically. It seems to be an expensive option when we think about replacing them. If you care at all for your smartphone, then you must consider protecting your phone with an iPhone tempered glass screen. However, there are several confusions for buying the tempered glass; one wrong decision can cost a lot of money. You can find various types of tempered glasses depending on their costs from the least price to the highest price. It depends on you which type of tempered glass do you need for your phone.

 iPhone tempered glass screen

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Tips to keep in mind before buying an iPhone:

You can protect the screen of your iPhone by applying a tempered glass on it. Scroll down to know about some of the best tips for buying an iPhone screen protector.

  1. Do you really need a screen protector for your iPhone?

Mobile phone screens now come with the best of technologies so that they become resistant to proof, but you still need a screen protector for the iPhone because the screens in which they come do not fully provide protection from cracking and breaking. Thus, to save yourself some money, it is important that you buy an iPhone screen protector for your phone.

  1. Compare the plastic made screen protectors and tempered glasses:

Two kinds of screen protectors are available in the market— plastic sheets and tempered glasses. Plastic sheets are being used for a long time now and are very low priced. They are thin sheets of plastic. However, the plastic sheets cannot surely protect your expensive iPhone if you accidentally drop it on the floor. Tempered glass, on the other hand,has proved to be useful for the protection. They prevent the phone screen from catching scratches. Moreover, with the tempered glass on, you can use your phone more comfortably. It is certainly more sensible to buy tempered glass for your phone screens.

  1. Can we bend tempered glasses?
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Glasses can be bent. In fact, the screens of your smartphones can also bend.

4. Understand the meaning of 9H hardness and does it really matter?

When you start looking for tempered glasses on various websites, you will see things like 9H hardness, military-grade protection, nano-coating and various other things. The term 9H hardness refers to a screen that does not break with a 9H pencil, which is the toughest among all the pencils. Choosing the best-tempered glass for your iPhone is difficult, but once found, you will be more than happy while using it.

tempered glasses

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Thus, now you know how sensitive your iPhone screen really is, and hence, you need to buy an iPhone tempered glass screen for it. Therefore, get the iPhone screen protector soon so that your valuable phone remains protected every time you go out.

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