4 Unique Careers for People Who Don’t Want to Work a Desk Job

4 Unique Careers for People

Let’s face it–working at a desk job isn’t for everybody. In fact, many find it extremely boring and may want something with more intellectual and/or emotional stimulation.

There are a variety of different career options that don’t include sitting and working at a desk.

While joining the military or jobs in healthcare are the more commonly known non-desk jobs, here are 4 unique careers for people who don’t want to work a desk job.


Astronomers not only study the stars but also how energy and matter work with one another. If you are particularly interested in space, astronomy is a great career option for you. Astronomers study the planets and stars in our solar system, and also dissect other universes, galaxies, and the like. Astronomers study for their work, but also go out into the fields and look at the different stars, their positions, and what else might be going on in the universe.

To be an astronomer, you will most likely have to pursue a bachelor’s degree in science, and a master’s and Ph.D. It’s not impossible, but it is quite a lot of studying!

Eyelash Technician

If you’re interested in all things beauty and making things aesthetically pleasing, consider a career as an eyelash technician. Eyelash technicians are responsible for putting on false eyelashes on someone so they can look and feel their best. Some websites offer training online, but you can often be trained in-person. Try looking into your local eyelash extension studios, and seeing if they offer apprenticeship programs. If you’re in an area where this may not be available, online training is always readily available, try eyelash extension courses from The Lash Professional.

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Dog Walker

Who doesn’t love animals? Being a professional dog walker is a wonderful way to work with animals in a relatively low-stakes and stress-free environment, all the while getting your daily steps in. And being PAID for it. You can try being a freelance dog walker–if you have friends or family that have dogs, offer to walk their dogs for a small fee. Expand this to the rest of your neighborhood. Or, try signing up with a professional dog walking company. Dog walking services can cost a pretty penny, and you can make a lot of money for just walking dogs for 30 minutes a day. There’s also a background check, an app, and a way for the company to make sure that you are a legitimate dog walker. No worries–it’s all stress-free and is a great alternative to working a desk job.


Do you love land? Do you get excited about the earth? Geographers typically study the land and all of its ecosystems, including animal and human habitats. Geography is usually divided into physical and human categories. Depending on what you’re interested in, geography offers a wide range of specialties that could encompass your interests and passions. Geographers, although often sitting down planning, studying, and applying for grants, are also very often working in the field. They examine the landscape and natural environments and study economic activities within these various ecosystems.

These are just a few unique careers for people who don’t want to work a desk job. If something on this list resonates with you, why not try it? Life is full of opportunities that aren’t limited to working the typical 9-5 day job. Try something new, and you never know–it may all just work out in your favor.

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