4 Ways HR Chatbots are Redefining Employee Experience

4 Ways HR Chatbots are Redefining Employee Experience

Yes, HR chatbots are already here and are not only bringing back happy hours for HR, but are also redefining employee experience. Since AI (Artificial Intelligence) and chatbots have become household names, businesses across the world are fast joining the bandwagon. In fact, a recent Forrester indicated that more than 80% of customer interactions within a business would take place between customers and bots in the next five years.

4 Ways HR Chatbots are Redefining Employee Experience

In an attempt to improve theefficiency of workforce, curb HR costs and provide optimum employee experience, businesses are walking up to the idea of AI-powered HR chatbots that use machine learning algorithmsto perform a range of HR related tasks and get intelligent over time.

HR is one of the most critical areas in a business that should embrace intelligent automation. AI-powered chatbots help streamline and simplify HR processes. Yes, few questions that employees frequently shoot to their HR would soon be answered by an HR chatbot. These bots would perform and simplify most of the routine HR tasks that may include taking employee surveys, explaining HR policies to new recruits, collecting employee information, etc.

Here’s how HR chatbots would reshape employee experience:

Extensive use of mobile technologies, distributed workforce and evolving employee demographic, which consists of millennials, employee experience has turned into a data-driven thing. Similarly, HR is no exception here. Be it discussing leave policies, employee training or managing employee benefits, HR chatbots are already helping in one way or the other saving a great deal of timeand efforts for the human resources personnel whilst uplifting employee experience.

  1. HR chatbots can make onboarding a lot smoother and self-oriented, since these bots would interact with employees. Eureka! Most of the HRMS software solutions these days come with a built-in HR bot to help you with seamless onboarding.
  2. Further, these chatbots would answer some of the most commonly asked questions by new recruits thus, simplifying the onboarding process for both the HR as well as employees. Most importantly, chatbots would do this all in real-time.
  3. HR chatbots would serve a lot like dedicated virtual assistants helping employees get answers to their FAQs at the click of a button. On the other hand, employees would enjoy instant access to loads of information such as leaves, benefits, etc. along with instant responses to their concerns.
  4. Employees would need to key in and send the messages to these chatbots just as they would do to their peers. The bots on the other hand with the help of machine learning algorithms would interpret the messages and respond accordingly, all in real-time.
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In today’s cutthroat business ecosystem, it is important than ever for businesses to realize the importance of candidate and employee experience. And, HR chatbots are turning out to be one of the critical tools to win the employee experience game whilst saving a great deal of time and efforts of the HR.

Long story short, HR personnel will have more time at hand, as chatbots will be automating a wide range of those cumbersome admin tasks for them. For example, HR chatbots can help an employee locate certain forms or notify employees about upcoming company events, holidays, etc. in a matter of seconds.

Most oft, HR professionals tend to spend a great deal of time performing mundane chores such as time tracking, attendance management, etc., which prevents them to take part in strategic and management decisions. With the inception of HR chatbots, a great amount of work, which otherwise would require interacting with other humans will be automated thus, making the process much transparent and smooth.

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