4 Ways to Make Your Drinking Water Safe

4 Ways to Make Your Drinking Water Safe

Water is the source of life, without life wouldn’t have grown in this earth. However, as the world is advancing water system is getting more polluted. You must have heard about water pollution everywhere in the world. Thus, getting pure and germ-free water has become tougher for us. Only in recent days by new inventions RO care India has found a way to provide purified drinking water.

RO care has proved the best benefits in the platform of purified water. However, there are still some other processes out there that can make your drinking water safe. It must have been unknown to you or you can be doubtful for the same, thus here we have listed the best ways to purify the water for drinking.

  1. Boiled Water

This is a straightforward use of water. You must know the technique has been used by your family to let the children drink boiled water. It was to keep the kids safe from any disease that can come from water. Even these days, people prefer boiled water to drink. There are so many places in the world, where water isn’t that safe to drink and can always cause various diseases by it. In those countries or places, people use water by boiling them. Boiled water removes all the bad elements in it and makes those things stay at the bottom; you just have to filter the good water leaving those things in the pot. You can drink this water after it has cooled down.

  1. Chlorine Bleach

This is another way of purifying water. You can always put one teaspoon of the same in your drinking water and let it sit for 30 minutes and you will be able to get pure water. You have to sit for a longer time if the smell of chlorine bleach doesn’t go away. You have to make sure to use the same which has 5 to 6 percent of sodium hypochlorite in it. Try avoiding the chlorine bleach that has some additional active elements.

  1. Colloidal Silver

It might be unknown to so many people but colloidal silver helps in purifying the water. The suspended silver molecules bind to germs and they kill the food that is protein on which the germs are living on. This colloidal silver works as a very effective antibacterial agent for water. You can always use some small amount of the same and it will also fight against the microbes in the water. Once you apply the same technique you have to sit it for 30 minutes and then drink it.

  1. Iodine Tablets

You can use iodine tablets in your drinking water. The smell of the water won’t be same by it, but it will be purified. You can apply 2 percent iodine tincture in the water, and sit the water for 30 minutes; this will definitely do the work.

Make your drinking water safe by having RO water. Otherwise, if you are facing some problems to acquire the same, you can always follow the above methods as well.

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