5 Activities You Need To Do To Get The Real Taste Of Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan, consists of several marvellous forts, palaces, temples and historic buildings worth taking a look at. Moreover, it is the Rajputana culture which attracts the people to explore the city. However, for a person visiting the city for the first time, things could go awry. To suffice that, do take a look at these amazing activities which will help you explore and get the best of Jaipur. There are several Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to Jaipur flights through which you can reach the city.

Explore the outdoor attractions – It is true that there aren’t much of outdoor recreation facilities in the city of Jaipur, but there are several national parks, few lakes, and sprawling gardens which must definitely be explored. Of course, you’ll be visiting the numerous forts, palaces and havelis, located here and there, but by exploring these quieter locations you will be able to hold a breath and couldn’t help but smile, going through the pictures that you’ve clicked. You can also take help of tour operators, who will not only provide a Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to Jaipur flights but a guided tour to these lesser known places in the city as well.

What to do if you’ve got kids around – You cannot label Jaipur as a kid-friendly location, but if you’re travelling with children forts and havelis are not the exact places that you might want to go. Jaipur is home to a large doll museum and a science planetarium, where you can let them engage on their own. The gardens at Sisodia Rani ka Mahal is another fantastic place to go around with kids as they can watch hundred of monkeys run, skip and jump around.

Tour the old markets of the city – The older part of Jaipur consists of traditional markets which are still running in the same manner like they did hundred of years ago. Enclosed in the long, crumbling complex structure, and painted in deep red, these markets can easily be distinguished from the modern ones. You can shop for the region’s best handicrafts, jewellery items, pottery and other things. Traditional clothes and food are other highlights attracting visitors to these markets.

5 Activities You Need To Do To Get The Real Taste Of Jaipur

Explore the food scenario – The food culture of Jaipur is naturally affected by its arid environment. As a result, you’ll find the inclusion of lots of dry legumes like potatoes, corn and lentils in their dishes. Rice, bajra and corn flour is favoured over wheat flour. Dal Batti Churma and its variations like Mutton Batti or Chicken Batti can also be tried in several upcoming restaurants. Mawa Kachori, Ghewar, and Mirchi Bada are few other snacks that you should definitely try while roaming around the tourist spots. For non-vegetarian lovers, Lal Maas and Shahi Korma is a must try.

Indulge in the cultural activities – Jaipur is a treat for those looking for a cultural treat, and you can participate in know them in a better way. Take part in the aarti at the famous temples, match the steps with the traditional dancers or even try making dal-batti yourself at a roadside stall. Whatever you do, it’ll help you understand the culture and traditions of the city.

So, instead of becoming a stereotypical tourist, who hops from one spot to another, become a traveller and gel in to get the best experience of a city like Jaipur.

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