5 AI Tools to Help in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Innovative technologies have opened the room for fresh and exciting ideas related to content marketing. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence has changed a lot of things and makes the process automatic. Undoubtedly, AI is marking an impact while enriching the experience. Moreover, it is also helpful in executing new complex ideas of writing the content quickly. That’s the reason;  content marketers are accepting artificial intelligence (AI) without any surprises. 

AI is bringing the realm of content while using algorithms and different models. Some people still have the thinking that an overview of AI is going to obsolete the content marketers. But, the truth is entirely different. 

Why is it essential to use AI tools?

The biggest question is, can AI efficiently fit content marketing? Talking about the role of AI, it is very diverse and quite useful for content marketers. They can increase their content data on the web while making intelligent decisions. Content creation can also speed up, and you can also take the benefit of personalized advertising. 

Nowadays, AI tools are meant to be essential for any business when it comes to making content strategy. Content created with AI is much more effective than the ordinary one. 

Does content marketing strategy need AI?

Content creation is quite a tedious task as there is a strong possibility of making mistakes- big or small. Not only is it time-consuming, but requires extensive effort. The marketing team as well wants to spend lots of time to deliver the right content. Evolving technologies are updating content marketing strategies through artificial intelligence. 

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The demand for content is increasing day-by-day, making the process easy for marketers. AI is used for performing various tasks, which are generally time-intensive and required to be effective. Artificial Intelligence has its place in any progression. This is present as science used in computers and machines because of their intelligence. Therefore, it is easy for machines to perform complicated tasks. 

AI is being implemented in the content marketing field. Being present as an excellent marketing approach that includes distribution and development, it is simple to create content without any error. Moreover, it becomes easy to relate with customers and engage new ones. 

Artificial intelligence tools available for content marketing strategy

We are well-versed with the definition of Artificial Intelligence. Well, it is present as a technology used by computers to contemplate like human intelligence. Significance in content writing does sound senseless. But do you know, without our knowledge, we are using AI in everyday lives. To further elaborate on the scope of artificial intelligence in content marketing, we are discussing some of the critical AI tools.                                                                                                     

1. Optimization of web content

AI tools play a significant role in content optimization. Also, it is useful in aligning the content as per the users. The optimization is ideal for completing various tasks related to topic suggestion and SEO. The AI tools are quite useful for ensuring that the content can quickly appear on the search engines and viewed by the users. CONCURED is one such tool used by the companies for focusing on the optimization process. The best thing about it is that you can use any language of content so that that the optimization runs smoothly. 

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2. Forecasting the business

The companies take an overview to make predictions regarding the sales. This gives an idea about which AI tools can be used for marketing the content among the public. Further, they are also used for judges about the specific target to meet. Dataminr is one of the tools required for providing the success of content marketing. No other tools than this are useful for spotting exact predictions and keeps you ahead in this competitive era.

3. Modified the recommendations

The personal experience of customers is beneficial in generating AI-generated content. The most advantageous thing about it is that the patrons, as well as service providers, get the list of products on which they are showing interest. Optimizely is among the AI tools liked by the content marketing strategists. This tool helps explain to the consumers what they exactly want to perceive or like. Various big brands named as eBay, Microsoft, and MissGuided are working towards increasing the customers’ experience manifold. Symmetric measuring is used by Optimizely for boosting up the conversations between service providers and users to provide them with a personalized experience. 

4. Automated insights

AI is an excellent tool for reviewing the insights of content creation. AIQUA is a tool introduced to the marketing strategists to know when the users are getting active online and things on which they are showing their interest. Unquestionably, it has made a massive upshot on marketing tactics. 


The tool is meant for knowing what exactly you are marketing and at what times or days it is best to upload the content. Thus, you can quickly get access to taking an insight into activity performed by customers on your website or app. In simple terms, it acts as an entirely engaging and practical platform. Copywriting services are also available nowadays helpful in structuring the content for social media in the text of catering to the target audience perfectly. 

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5. Personal assistants and Chatbots

Being recognized as a service provider, it is your responsibility to make your clients feel special and keep them happy with your services and products. AI tools such as Massively plays a crucial role here. With this, it is easy to generate a personal conversation between a business person with his consumers. It is done in a way to create a strong relationship with the group of people who are already taking your services or thinking about to take. Day by day, the users’ experience matters a lot and also increases with the progression of technology. 

ChatBots and personal assistants here play a significant role in conversing with the clients directly. That’s why; Massively makes you stand alone among your competitors. 


Artificial Intelligence is among the most recommended technologies at present. Currently, it is powering various content marketing tools used at diverse stages of content strategies.

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