5 Beautiful Places to Spend Holiday Vacations in the World

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Are you planning to spend holiday vacations at one of the best places in the world? Let your thoughts drift to the pleasant and mesmerizing places in the world. Undoubtedly, the idea of the best holiday places differs from one another and completely depends on what you want from a holiday. Whether your idea is just to have a fun or to discover the home-grown tribe that has never clapped eyes on a foreigner, explore stunning architecture, natural scenes and tropical paradise there in order to make your vacation unforgettable for years to come. You should know that there are various places with all the beautiful views and magnificence everywhere, but a few of them are unequivocally brilliant and indisputably incredible. Here are 5 beautiful places to spend holiday in the world-

  • Oia, Santorini, Greece-

Located on the top of a cliff, Oia is one of the prettiest places in the world with spectacular views all around. It is arguably beautiful of most of the picturesque villages of the magnificent Greek island of Santorini.  With the traditional stone houses lining all through the narrow streets, sunbaked verandas and breathtaking blue-domed churches, Oia can charm you and let you enjoy its quaint beauty by discovering its streets.  Stroll through the Ammoudi- village’s small port or enjoy colorful galleries showcasing art from the renowned artists makes your vacation worth-while.

Oia, Santorini, Greece

  • Andalucia, Southern Spain-

If you are going for a short break in southern Spain, when the summer crowds have gone home and it is warm weather, then Andalucia is the charming place hanging off at the edge of Spain. It is bleached white and with the flamenco sound in the air that makes it superb choice for spending a quality time with your dear ones. Beyond the beach clubs of Marbella, you can head out to the national park of Sierra-de-Las Nieves to go for swimming in natural rock pools on the dam.

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• Andalucia, Southern Spain

  • Essaouira & The Moroccan Coast-

For a flash of winter sunshine a short hop away, Morocco is perfect place even for just a weekend break. Along the coast, there are windswept beaches and surf towns including Tamraght and Taghazoute, where it’s all about chilling out in the sunny weather. Also, Essaouira is a banquet for the senses, which means shisha smoke rising from rooftop bars and freshly caught fish is grilled over smoking-hot coals in huts right on the harbor. Above all, it’s still a free-spirited holiday destination with dozens of self-determining galleries and boutiques vending locally crafted pottery and crafts.

• Essaouira & The Moroccan Coast

  • Guatemala, Southern Mexico-

Guatemala is a quite exceptional and a colorful little country. Bordering Mexico with an inimitable mix of colonial Spanish and native Mayan culture, you can visit all its places like pretty colonial towns, splendid volcanic landscapes and the coasts on both Pacific as well as Caribbean sides when the days are driest and sunniest.  This place is in fact a whole different shebang with alternative traditions and parading in the streets, which is what makes it truly amazing for spending vacations.

• Guatemala, Southern Mexico

  • Conejo, United States-

With an average winter temperature in the mid-50s and summer temperature in the mid-70s, the Conejo Valley is one of the ultimate destinations to visit for a wonderful holiday vacation.  People here cherish the seamless combination of world-class industry and small town living in their backyard. So, you can imagine how your vacation time can become like a cherry chat due to near-perfect weather or driving a small distance crossways town. It means taking a day hike by the peaceful nature preserves, biking by the canyons to the tranquil ocean, or enjoying daylight of pampering and exclusive shopping etc., all make your vacation spent well with your loved ones.

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Conejo, United States

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