5 Best Biceps Exercises You Must Know

5 Best Biceps Exercises You Must Know

As the summer goes away, the good old motto “the sun has gone out, parading the banks” loses its relevance. However, you walk with open arms or they are covered with clothes, there is no reason to reduce the heat in biceps training … the hand season lasts the whole year!

But which exercises are the best for biceps? In this article you will find 5 exercises that will make real “bazookas” out of your hands.

Bending the arms on the Scott bench

Bench arms, also known as biceps on the Scott bench, in honor of Larry Scott, the first (and double) winner of the Mr. Olympia competition in 1965-1966. Larry’s hands were more than 50cm in circumference!

And now ask yourself: how many guys did you see in the hall with the same big banks?

Obviously, Scott had something in his training arsenal, thanks to which he achieved such a monstrous development of biceps. And this is a zealous execution of curls on the lectern. This method allowed us to achieve a tremendous isolation of the biceps, as well as the strongest inclusion in the work of brachialis (this muscle is on the outside of the arm).

Contrary to popular belief, a slight movement of the body during this biceps exercise is quite acceptable. Next time try to lean back a little when you lower the burden, and slightly lean forward when lifting it to the chin. This technique will increase the stretching and contraction of the biceps, making the exercise much harder … but more effective.

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Lifting dumbbells for biceps, sitting on an inclined bench

This exercise in our top five for biceps workout stretches these muscles like no other that may occur to you. Lifting dumbbells for biceps, sitting on an inclined bench, at the expense of the indicated advantage leads to powerful, growth-stimulating contractions of muscles.

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Due to the position of the elbows (back, away from the body), the outer, long head of the biceps does most of the work here. You probably want to focus on training the external biceps head, since you can see it mostly in life (unless you have a habit of taking a double biceps pose at every possible occasion).

It is worth mentioning that the bench should be tilted to a maximum of 45 degrees, and using a smaller tilt (at which the bench closer to the horizontal) will increase the stretch, but at the same time increase the risk of injury, which is likely to lead to inflammation of the tendon of the external biceps head. . The same can be said about using too much weight. Such inflammation is often perceived as pain in the shoulder.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps with wrist suppression

If you train to maximize muscle growth, your exercise should be based on the physiological functions of the muscles you are working on. In the case of biceps, this means not only flexing the arm at the elbow, but also suping the wrist (turning the palm up), and this is exactly the case when exercising with dumbbells will be more effective than your normal flexion of the arms with a barbell. When using the barbell, your wrists are fixed in the same position throughout the entire range of motion, which makes supination simply impossible.

By themselves, bending of the arms with supination is hardly a secret, but many hall-goers still do them incorrectly. First, the wrists should be fully supine, until the forearms are perpendicular to the biceps. To make sure that complete supination has occurred, focus on the little fingers, turning them as high as possible. This will ensure maximum supination and optimal utilization of muscle tissue.

To be sure that the short, inner head of the biceps will receive full stimulation during this exercise, you can use a hold where the hand holds the neck of the dumbbell as close as possible to its outer part, so that the thumb touches the pancakes.

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Concentrated biceps lift

Often this exercise is misunderstood, considering that it builds more of a biceps peak than its size. Unfortunately, the shape of the biceps is determined genetically, and all you guys can do is to increase your banks, but whether they are flat or with peaks like the mountains, it already depends on Mother Nature.

However, concentrated lifting is a wonderful exercise for exerting a load on the external, long head of the biceps, which allows you to truly isolate the muscles. The reason is that this movement excludes any movement by the shoulder.

But how can this isolating exercise, performed with light weight, build mass?

Let me give you an example of one powerlifter from the 70s, David Shaw, whose hands were around 53cm. Try to guess which exercise for his biceps was his favorite? That’s it, concentrated flexion. With or without isolation, but Shaw says that he used a 45kg dumbbell in this biceps exercise, which he did 5 repetitions with!

It is important to take into account that with concentrated flexion the position of the elbow must be correct, namely: it must be rested on the inner surface of the thigh, and not lie on the leg (a common mistake).

If you cannot lower the dumbbell without touching the floor with it, you just need to lift the leg, which you rest with your elbow, putting it on some small support. At the same time, do not overstretch the biceps, because This leads to injury.

Lifting the biceps with a barbell.

This biceps exercise needs no introduction, because it is the core of most biceps programs! It is believed that this is an unsurpassed mass-gathering exercise. However, in our list of the best exercises for biceps, it is only the fifth … why?

Lifting the barbell for biceps is one of the best mass-gain exercises, simply because it forces a large number of muscle groups to work to stabilize the body. This idea can be illustrated if we imagine that someone is trying to take on biceps weight much more than it can … and instead of flexing the arms with a barbell, bends itself!

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, simply because it forces a large number of muscle groups to work to stabilize the body. This idea can be illustrated if we imagine that someone is trying to take on biceps weight much more than it can … and instead of flexing the arms with a barbell, bends itself!

For this reason, from the point of view of the relationship between the desired result and effort, lifting a biceps with a barbell is an indispensable exercise for the hands, but it does not isolate the biceps and includes it in work as much as the Scott bench and flexion on the inclined bench or concentrated flexion (this is proved by the results of electromyography).

At the same time, lifting a biceps with a barbell has an advantage, because this exercise allows you to read! Using body movement and momentum, you lift the barbell. It may not look beautiful, but it allows you to bomb your hands, because it uses much more weight to lower the projectile than is usually possible. This effectively leads to the appearance of micro-damage of muscle tissue.

However, lifting a biceps with a barbell with cheating can easily lead to injury if you are not careful! Personally, I recommend doing this exercise at the end of the workout, when your biceps are already tired and you are well warmed up.

Strong staging of the legs is important, the body should be in tension, the barbell should be pushed with the movement of the legs and hips more than with the movement of the torso. At the same time, the bar should not hit the quadriceps! Slow, controlled projectile lowering is a key point. Lowering for 3-4 seconds will maintain tension in your biceps.

What you should pay attention to:

If you want to increase your biceps, focus on these 5 best exercises in your workouts. But remember: the emphasis should be on the form of movement, it is better to use less weight and do the exercise correctly than letting your ego play and risk injury! To get better biceps you can try HGH. So just buy hgh online from the reliable provider like Steroids Corner, they have the best quality hgh injections for sale.


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