5 Best investments for young people

The 20s are the most valuable phase of anyone’s life. You get your first job and move out from your parents’ house. It is a phase that teaches you to stand on your own legs.

Many young people do not take Investment seriously in their 20s and spend their hard worked money without second thoughts. That leads to poor financial condition after retirement. So, it’s very important that you learn to invest money to make your future safe and easier.

Investments are becoming mandatory in this age because of the high inflation rate. Your saving account interest money cannot cope with the current high global inflation rates.

What is an advantage of investing in young age?

Planning your future from the 20s give you lot of time and energy for investments. Most of the people save nothing in the 20s and years ahead they have to cut their expenses to save for future plans and investments. Obviously, you cannot cut your expenses when you have a family to run. So, investing in young age will give greater financial safety over the years.

This leads us to what are our options for Investment in young age to get maximum profits over the years? We have curated a list of basic 5 best investment for young people that will absolutely help you out:


5 Best investments for young people

From over the years, stocks investments are the best returning investments. Investing directly in the stock market with any public listing company gives the highest return than any other investment but equally, there are high risks. Investing in stocks needs a thorough knowledge of market and company which you are investing in. Stocks are long-time investments.

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If you think your stocks will double overnight then you might be wrong. If you are craving for high return and understand the risks of stock you can jump in the stock investments.

2.Mutual funds

Mutual funds are also investments in public listing companies but with low risks than direct stock investments. A mutual fund collects money from investors and invests that money on their behalf and they charge a small fee for managing all that.

Mutual funds are preferred by those have not much knowledge about investing and doesn’t want to risk their money in stock market.

3.Property Investment

 Best investments for young people

Property investments are the oldest and best investment technique in the market. Many investors prefer properties as investments because it is safest among all. You just have to buy a property in a good developing area and put aside for some years.

Although, return on these investment depends upon many factors and you need to do a good research before buying a property. Buy a good property and you can easily double up your money in an average ten years.


Gold is the one of the world’s popular and expensive metal. Many investment experts believe that gold is not a proper investment option because it will not give high return like stocks and mutual funds.

Gold’s price mainly depends upon the demands unlike of stocks and mutual funds. However, gold yields attractive returns even all other markets are down. Hence gold investment is your option if you are a simple investor and don’t want any risk of your money.

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5.Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits are very popular investment options because of its straight-forward process. You invest a sum of money for a predefined period and get back additional interest money for your investment.

Fixed Deposit rates increase with an increase in period investment. Another advantage of fixed deposit is that you can invest in your bank so you don’t have to deal with multiple companies for investments.

What do you think about starting Investment at your young age? Tell us in comments and if you are planning to invest, which investment will you choose?

5 Best investments for young people

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