5 Celebrities Who Put Bhutan in Their Travel Bucket

5 Celebrities Who Put Bhutan in Their Travel Bucket


“What! Are we going to Bhutan?”  I was shocked as my husband handed me the flight tickets.

But why Bhutan? We can go to some another scenic destination. I replied back bluntly and was a bit angry with him and apprehensive about the place he chose.

He was laughing, and his gesture exaggerated my anger to the sky.

“What do you know about Bhutan? You have not visited the place once so why are you getting so reluctant?” he asked me.

I told him frankly that I was dreaming of going to some fantasy place like Paris, Switzerland…

He said, “ok, we will go there also, but this time we are going to Bhutan.”

And if you don’t like the place, you can come back the same day.

So, we had a deal!

It was not the first time we have a deal on a tourist destination.

And the day came we boarded our flight and finally reached Bhutan.

It was beyond my imagination.

No wonder, it was “beauty at its best.”

I was speechless! I was staring at those lush green mountains with dead eyes.

Truly, I had fallen for the place, and suddenly I heard my husband’s voice-

Do you want to go back?

Now this time, I was laughing ?.

If you also have not visited Bhutan yet, give it a try.

I guarantee you the place will not disappoint you. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe.

And let me put a cherry on a cake, the place is a famous tourist spot for well-known celebrities.

Yeah, it’s true! I can imagine the excitement on your face to know the celebrities who have visited Bhutan.

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So, before you die out of curiosity, sail through the list of 5 celebrities in Bhutan.

Let’s dive in:

Prince William & Kate Middleton – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William & Kate Middleton
                                    Prince William & Kate Middleton

Do you know that the royal Prince Williams and his beautiful wife Kate Middleton visited Bhutan in the year 2016?

Yes, they visited mesmerizing Bhutan in summers.

In the above picture, they are at Prayer wheel and talking to the monk.

The royal parents enjoyed their Bhutan trip to the fullest.

Neha Dhupia
                                                 Neha Dhupia

Hold your breath, I am revealing the second celebrity’s name and its none other than gorgeous Indian actress “Neha Dhupia.”

The actress visited Bhutan to shoot for a reality show called as “MTV Roadies.”

Neha is a travel enthusiast and learned mountain biking during her stay in Bhutan.

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams
                            Bryan Adams

I love Bryan Adam! As a singer? Do you?

We all have heard Bryan Adam’s top melodies like All I Want Is You, She Knows Me, You Belong to Me…..Ohh, I just love these songs.

Guess what, Bryan Adam visited Bhutan in 2014 for a rock concert.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar

Is there anyone who doesn’t know Sachin Tendulkar? I am his biggest fan. No wonder, he is India’s cricket Legend.

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Do you know that God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar visited Bhutan in the year 2014?

Yes, he did! When he was there, I also want to go there. What do you say?

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin

Isn’t he smart or I should say handsome or charming or appealing…………?

Top Secret, don’t tell anyone! I had a crush on this guy when I was 15.

You will love to know that Ricky Martin, famous American singer, and actor visited Bhutan in the year 1999.

So, here are 5 famous celebrities who have visited Bhutan on personal or professional trips.

Needless to say, the place is no less than a heaven for scenic beauty admirers.

Well now, when you know that all these superstars have visited the site, you will be in the state of “That’s it, I am going too.”

I would love to hear from you! What do you think about the place?

Would you like to go there? I can guess your answer, absolutely yes!

To make your Bhutan trip an unforgettable one, don’t forget to hire best Bhutan travel agency.

Post a comment below and tell me how you like this blog?

Good luck.

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