5 Cybersecurity Myths

5 Cybersecurity Myths

Nowadays, strategic planning is important to enhance the security of products.. They spend a very large amount for managing and protecting their IT resources and assets.

The web of the internet is expanding every minute and so are the threats. I’m talking about cyber security which is important for holding the grip over strong IT infrastructure and brand value. By installing antivirus, updating all applications, you might consider yourself safe. Security and data breaches are now moving to business critical systems with increased figures of attacks. I have mentioned five cybersecurity myths which people unintentionally follow and ruin their security practices in quest of safeguarding their IT landscapes against  security breaches.

5 Cybersecurity Myths

1). Relying on Firewall

Firewall is used to keep the system secure by accepting and blocking incoming and outgoing requests. It will keep your internal network safe, and prevents unauthorised or malicious access to your system. But there’s a probability that your network may get compromised as they are not enough to secure your network completely. Sometimes, these firewalls  don’t allow your security upgrades to install properly, posing your network to risk. So depending only upon firewall isn’t a good option, because during the attack, malware creates a new network interface and re-routes the data flow bypassing the firewall. Therefore to achieve complete control, you must check authorised and unauthorised devices. Keep your network firewall and web application firewall updated to strengthen your router.

2). I keep my software up to date

 Keeping software up to date is a very good habit, but still, you can’t protect yourself from hackers as they have robust tools at their disposal to hack. There are millions of malicious programs flowing in through the internet which can affect your product in many ways.

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The best way to keep your product safe is to bound your products to run the internet traffic through VPN which will decrypt your content when it enters into the VPN firewall. It will control the use of admin privileges.

3). My product is completely secure

The tech world is highly prone to cyber attacks. There are threats like SQL injection, file inclusion, and remote access to resource illegally. Therefore, you need to use Denial of Service(DDoS) protection, login protection- keep login through multi-factor verification to ensure complete safety.

Sometimes, attackers come up with cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks which allow them to send malicious code to end user’s system through a browser.

You can opt inbuilt Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to keep security high, but key signatures to access the system can also be compromised, so you need to remain cautious.

You can protect environment through APIs and SDK which shows you the complete statistics and duty.

4). Oh, there are billions, my business is new!

If you are new to market, you can not consider yourself safe. No matter what is your company’s size, your data and resources must be stored securely on the server.

Most people don’t use SSL Certificate of HTTPs for securing their website, because they don’t consider it important as they are not selling anything online nor are they collecting users information. HTTPs encrypt the data during transmission; therefore ensure its safety.  Even though it’s necessary but there is still a chance of being hacked.

Installing SSL certificate is the best way to secure visitors information. There are many types of SSL certificates available in market. You can buy one as per you need. For Example, If you have multiple websites and want to secure all then Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate is best. With this single certificate, you can secure a primary domain name and up to 99 additional Subject Alternative Names (SANs).

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5). I Can’t Afford it!

 A general notion prevails that a high security for any product costs a big amount of money. With cloud, IT services has become cheaper, you will only pay for what you use. You can buy DDoS protection, SPAM protection, brute force attacks protection or a complete package of security solutions to ensure complete safety.

Even you can develop solutions on your own with the help of third-party service provider as they give APIs and SDKs. These are available on the internet, helping you scale, maintain, and innovate environment in an  effective way.

To secure your web assets and to maintain your brand image you must be aware of the latest techniques and methods. Try to safeguard your websites and applications from attackers and monitor the health, safety checkups and infrastructure repeatedly to stay cyber-safe in the future.

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