5 Latest Developments In Free Standing Heavy Bag

Punching bags offer an outstanding workout, whether they’re used during boxing, kickboxing, karate and taekwondo. Such bags have been made to help you practice kicking and other striking maneuvers and to develop punching techniques like jabs, cross punches, uppercuts, hook punches, shovel hooks and elbow strikes.

5 Latest Developments In Free Standing Heavy Bag

If you have plan to practice solo at home then you should look for a punching bag. Are you a trainee? Then you shouldn’t look for something too heavy. Do you want something that can withstand a lot of punches without splitting? Look for somewhat hard-wearing. Perhaps you’re on a serious tight budget but still want something that will hold up over time. Read to know the 5 latest Developments of 2018 In Free Standing Heavy Bag.

Best material:

There are three materials used in punching bags: leather, synthetic leather, and canvas. Leather bags are the expensive but also the toughest and durable. Free standing heavy bag are not only cheaper but are also durable on the skin and 0% prone to breaking.

Affordable price:

When it comes to punching bags – free standing or otherwise – price can vary dramatically. You want to try to strike a balance between getting a bag sturdy enough for your needs that also fits in your budget – not necessarily an easy task.

5 Latest Developments In Free Standing Heavy Bag

Soft absorbent foam:

If you have space and don’t want to hang your bag, a free standing heavy bag is a great option. TurnerMAX makes quality products that have long been trusted. Their Standing Heavy Bag features a low-profile base design that guarantees maximum durability and functionality. One of the most distinguished features is the soft spongy foam inside that bag, so you can punch hard without getting sore your hand.

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Best for limited space:

If you are tight on space you might want to consider a free standing boxing bag. These bags offer all of the benefits of a regular heavy bag but with the added bonus of being able to move them out quickly and easily when the time comes. There is another option if your space is limited and that is a traditional heavy bag with a stand. You can mount these to a stand and then move them out of the way when they are not being used.

If space is not an issue and you have a good solid place then you cango for the free standing heavy bag, then getting a traditional style bag is just right for your situation.

TurnerMAX Freestanding Bag is the newest craze in boxing heavy bag training, offering the closest action and simulation and to an actual challenger. As the most advanced heavy bag training and its weighted rounded base permits the rock-hard foam to rock when you punched and it immediately return back. It is great for home and gym use, especially where a heavy bag cannot be hung. Ideal for perfecting combinations, speed drills and boxing training for all skill levels.


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