5 Mind Wobbling Features of the New Samsung Note 9

New Samsung Note 9

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

But no one ever taught me the art of choosing between gazillion options that life throws at you. I mean it has always annoyed me to the core to choose between two extremely competing options. Colgate or Close-up? Five Guys or Shake Shack? Spectrum Packages or Comcast Packages? Samsung or iPhone? I could go on and on. So hard to pick one from the other. If I talk about my friends, on the other hand, many of them have always been very clear about their choices. I always envied them and still do. However, recently I surprised myself by choosing Samsung Note 9 over the iPhone without going through millions of reviews!.

New Samsung Note 9

Although at first, I was reluctant to make a shift from iPhone to Samsung, I told myself that variety is the spice of life. And opted for this change. I was new to android and had to face a couple of challenges. But I am happy to announce that I love my new Samsung Note 9! In fact, I got so involved in exploring the features of my new mobile that I ended up exploring a couple of features I doubt many are familiar with. So, here it goes:

White ink’s back

The new S pen comes in two colors that are yellow and purple. Very carefully picked, these two colors complement the shades of Note 9 introduced this time. However, one must remember that you either get a purple OR a yellow pen, depending on the shade of the mobile that you purchase (such aesthetics much wow). However, if you want to go back to using the old white ink pen, you can do so by heading to Advanced features in S Pen settings, tap on Screen off memo and turn off Use S Pen signature color button.

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Landscape home screen

Are you one of those mobile users who prefer viewing the screen in landscape mode rather than the portrait mode?

If you said YES to the above question, I have a good news for you!

Excuse my excitement but yes Samsung Note 9 allows you to view your home screen in the landscape mode as well. You know what that means? You do not have to practice the tiring exercise of flipping your phone when you exit an app anymore. YAY!

However, you will have to head to the settings to enable this feature. Inside your phone’s Home screen settings, you will come across a toggle labeled Portrait mode only. Just turn it off and enjoy viewing your home screen in the landscape mode.

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Longer slow-mo videos

Slow-mo videos are all the rage these days. And dare I say, many times they turn out to be super funny. That is why my video gallery is nothing but a collection of slow-mo videos. Because who doesn’t like a laughter dose? Everyone does. And if you enjoy making slow-mo videos as much as I do, if not more, Samsung has introduced a feature that allows you to shoot longer videos. Here’s how it works. The Note 9 will give you an option to record a 0.2 or 0.4 secs long video in 960 fps. Once you have recorded the video, the Note 9 will expand the milliseconds making the video 6 secs long when viewing. However, the quality I that the 0.2 secs and 0.4 secs videos are recorded varies. 0.4 secs videos are recorded in standard quality i.e. 480p whereas 0.2 secs videos are recorded in high quality i.e. 720p.

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Say bye to flaw detection and scene optimizer

Note 9 comes with two new camera features that are powered by AI.

Let me introduce you to the first new feature that is scene optimizer. This feature will allow the mobile to adjust the exposure settings and color automatically, according to what you are shooting.

The second feature is the flaw detector. This feature means that you will be notified if a person blinks or breathes (joke intended) during his/her shot. However, these are optional features and you can always choose to turn them off if you are not fond of them. Just head to the settings inside the Camera app where you will find toggles for flaw detector and scene optimizer. Turn them off and your job’s done!


Unlock your Note 9 with the S Pen

Sounds so cool, doesn’t it! If you have been a Samsung fanatic, then you are already familiar with the power of S Pen to control the various apps including the camera. If not, then I just told you.

S Pen has this superpower of controlling things on the phone through the new Bluetooth powered button. But I am sure you did not know that the S Pen can also be used to unlock your Note 9 remotely. All you need to do is hit the Unlock with S Pen remote toggle in S Pen settings and allow your S Pen to unlock your screen if it locks while you are using the stylus. Awesome!

I think these are enough ‘not so obvious’ features for you to test for now. I am still digging deep into the hidden features of Note 9 and as soon as I come across a couple of more new features, I will share them with you.

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