Jeet Kune Do is a martial art organization by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee had no technique, but he had a set of principles for training the mind and body. This foundation is based on Wing Chun theory. Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do is a combination of taekwondo, wrestling, fencing and Western boxing. The aim of Jeet Kune Do is growing oneself in terms of physical speed, timing, footwork, coordination, and power. Jeet Kune Do is widely being used from martial arts methods taken from various Indonesian, Philippine and Thai styles.

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Reasons to learn Jeet Kune Do:


1) Fitness & Weight Loss

Jeet Kune Do help you to be physically fit and helps you to lose weight. Nowadays, obesity is an alarming issue and Jeet Kune Do would help you to keep yourself fit. The cardio exercises help you to cut down calories. By learning drills, you can enhance your strength, coordination and tolerance capacity. It will also help you to sleep better and is especially helpful for those who have insomnia.

2) Helps you in improving self-defense skills

Self-defense is very important, and everyone should possess a few of those skills. It will help you in defending yourself when you are in difficult situations. It also helps you in being aware of your surroundings—sensitive to threats in the real world. Jeet Kune Do develops self-confidence and self-discipline. It gives you fighting spirit. Jeet Kune Do creates a positive impact on your life.

3) You have animal-like flexibility

Your muscles tend to tighten up, as you grow old. When you learn Jeet Kune Do, your muscles tend to loosen up which gives you flexibility. Due to the martial art techniques, you have better blood flow, which helps you to keep yourself flexible. Jeet Kune Do not only helps you to become more flexible, but it also sharpens your personality.

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4) Gaining Confidence 

Jeet Kune Do help you in self-confidence. Practicing drills every day would help you to be confident. This self-confidence would be shown in your daily activities. Jeet Kune Do help you to accept the reality of life, and it helps you to cope up with negative situations in life.

5) Skyrocket Your Metabolism

Jeet Kune Do helps to increase your metabolism. When you practice drills and punches, you tend to get more flexible. This helps to increase your metabolism. It is proven that people who practice this martial art form have increased their metabolism. It also helps you to reduce your fat.

Learning Jeet Kune Do is the best way of shaping yourself and your personality. It aims for the all-round development of oneself. It not only focuses on your health but also allows you to be confident and positive about yourself. It is recommended especially for school going students, as it will enhance their health. To know more, write Jeet Kune Do Houston in Google and check the results on the internet. Choose the option that best suits you.

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