5 reasons why you should focus on getting fit instead of thin

                 “I’ll exercise from tomorrow,”                 “I am fat, I need to hit the gym”

We’ve all heard and said these phrases at least once in our lives. It’s no longer about being fit or healthy, everyone wants to be skinny. We’re driven by unrealistic beauty standards that our society has set for us, where anyone who isn’t skinny is not perfect. This is why we spend hours hating our body and thousands of dollars for gym memberships. Not to mention all the unhealthy ways we choose to lose weight like starving ourselves or going on crazy cleanses. This leads to us never being satisfied with the way we look.

5 reasons why you should focus on getting fit instead of thin

What’s worse is that this obsession can lead to diseases like anorexia and a never-ending desire to lose more weight.
If you think that you have accumulated extra weight, focus on getting fit instead of just getting thin.

Here are 5 reasons why getting fit is so much better than just getting thin.

1-Crazy diets ruin your skin

Everyone wants glowing beautiful skin that looks great even with no makeup on. A surefire way of achieving that look is maintaining a balanced diet. When you strive towards losing those extra pounds so you can be as thin as possible, you are doing a grave injustice to your body.

What do you think will make your skin glow, eating healthy or depriving your body of all nutrients? When you follow unhealthy diet plans, you lose that healthy glow on your face. When you opt for a diet, it affects your body, starting with your skin.

Starving yourself will take a toll on your face and you will end up looking twice your age. If you opt for a healthy diet and your focus is to get fit then you’ll see the results on your face as well. A well-balanced diet including vegetables and fruits will do wonders for your skin. When you eat right and exercise, your skin radiates from within.

2-Exercise is more effective when you enjoy it

When you change your goals from losing as much weight as you can as fast as you can to losing just the extra pounds to be fit, you’ll notice lots of energy within yourself. You’ll no longer dread workout sessions and will look forward to this part of your life.
Once you stop hating your body and accept it instead, you will no longer have this desire to be insanely thin. You’ve started this fitness journey for yourself which is why you enjoy it more. When you’re obsessed with getting thin, working out seems like a struggle. You are pushing yourself constantly just to please others and to change the world’s perception about you. However, fitness is for your inner satisfaction. So, don’t be surprised when you find yourself at the gym every day.

3-You’ll accept and love your body for what it is

We are our own worst critic and always end up criticizing ourselves or our bodies. The more we look at other people, the less we like ourselves. Which is why if tomorrow you lose say 20 pounds, you still won’t be satisfied. You’ll be hooked on to this unrealistic goal of being stick thin. Sadly, when you won’t be able to attain this goal, you’ll end up hating your body. Dealing with eating disorders and low self-esteem can become a common occurrence in such scenarios. However, once you work for a fit body, you’ll see a shift in your attitude as well. You’ll love and accept your body for what it is. When you feel great, you will look great. Corset training is a fun way to look good and boost your self-confidence.

4-With great fitness comes great strength

When you get fit, you also get stronger. Gone are the days where you needed help for small simple tasks. Now, you are just as capable as the next person. It’s no longer about just looking a certain way, it’s about being proficient and active in your everyday tasks. From not needing a man’s help in physical tasks, to using your body to its full potential. The whole process is a breath of fresh air for women all around the globe. You’ll feel more confident and resilient than ever. Being fit is all about making sure you are healthy. Remember, no clothes would look good on you if you don’t feel great from the inside.

5-Yes to good food and no to fad diets

You can say goodbye to your “no eating” plan because being fit doesn’t require you to starve yourself. As long as you maintain a balanced diet, you can eat 3 meals a day. You no longer have to live on crackers for survival. A full-fledged diet will ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to be stronger than ever. When you lay off diet food and eating real food, you’ll see an instant change in your mood. You will feel happier and this journey won’t seem like a chore anymore. Also, you’ll no longer hate yourself after a meal or dash towards a weight machine after finishing it. If you want to hide those love handles, instead of going on a juice cleanse just get a corset trainer instead.

Remember, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You cannot let society’s idea of beauty dictate what you should or should not look like. Your health and happiness should always be your top priority. As long as you make fitness your goal, you can leave a happy and healthy life with a healthy body.

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