5 Reasons You Should Buy the iPhone 7

5 Reasons You Should Buy the iPhone 7

Apple makes products with an element of luxury attached to them. These products are priced on the higher side and so you might find yourself putting in a lot of thought before you spring for a new Apple phone. That said, you can consider buying the iPhone 7. This model is currently more affordable and doesn’t skimp on any of Apple’s best features. Eliminating the headphone jack of the iPhone 7 gives the phone the ability to host a larger battery, which results in uninterrupted hours of use for you. The phone stands out because of its hardware and software too. Further,  durability and ample storage capacity make this phone ideal if you are constantly on the move.

5 Reasons You Should Buy the iPhone 7

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With financing taken care of, here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying the iPhone 7.

Compact screen and larger battery

With screen sizes exceeding 6.2 inches, using the phone single-handedly is difficult and you risk dropping your phone frequently. However the iPhone 7’s 4.7-inch screen allows it to sit comfortably in your hand and proves to be ideal to view your favourite content on as well. The high-quality screen contributes to your viewing experience and the larger battery allows you to use your phone for longer. Apple decided to eliminate the headphone jack, thus increasing battery space by 14%. As a result, you can benefit from a battery of 1955mAh. This, when clubbed with the A10 Fusion chip and iOS 10 delivers efficient responses and saves a great amount of power.

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Enhanced storage space

The iPhone 7 comes in sizes of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB that you can select from based on your needs. If your usage mainly comprises viewing media, storing downloads or data transfers then 256GB is ideal for you. The increased storage space is also beneficial if you enjoy clicking pictures on your mobile. Further, edited files demand more room making this size a good match. But if you are someone who mainly uses their phone to make calls, send work emails and stream content occasionally then 32GB would suffice. It is important to know your usage needs before buying the iPhone 7 so that you do not spend more than you need to.

Eye-catching image quality

The camera may feature a standard 12MP lens but it allows you to click brighter and sharper images. This is possible courtesy of the new f/1.8 aperture. The wider lens opening allows more light to reach the sensor, up to 50% more, and lets you blur backgrounds. This focuses all the attention on your subject resulting in that magical ‘pop’. Also, the iPhone 7 offers optical image stabilisation that counteracts motion blur, which was previously only available in higher-end, ‘Plus’ models. Moreover, your images appear crisper and less washed-out with the introduction of faster shutter speeds. This means you can reduce the amount of light entering through the lens and click correctly exposed pictures in broad daylight or freeze motion while shooting a subject that’s moving. The AI powered image signal processor detects objects and adjusts the camera’s settings to get the accurate exposure and colour tones.

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Advanced water-resistant body and security

The iPhone 7 is water resistant but it is important to remember that salt water corrodes the layer that protects the inside of your phone. It is capable of surviving submersion in water for 30 minutes up to 1mt deep. The IP rating also indicates that the phone is protected from harm arising due to dust.

Protecting your phone from weather conditions and accidental damages is just as important as protecting your data. To this end Apple’s fingerprint reader located on the home button works at keeping the contents of your phone safe from prying eyes.

Improved RAM and processor

The iPhone 7 features a 2.34GHz Quad-Core processor and 2GB of RAM. This enables you to download, install and run a number of apps seamlessly. The A10 Fusion chip processor reduces the launch time of apps while the UI offers you a fluid, interactive experience. You can play games with heavy graphics, edit images, stream videos, and run multiple apps simultaneously without any lag or delay. The OS updates consume a considerable amount of space in order to heighten your user experience and so having a larger capacity to download apps and media makes for a smart investment.

These features of the iPhone 7 make it an excellent buy. If you wish to do so you can simply visit a Bajaj Finserv partner online or offline. Before you pay, check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. Use this to make applying for and accessing an amount of up to Rs. 4 lakh on a pre-approved basis fast and hassle-free.

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