5 simple Maintenance Tips – Renault Car Windshield

5 simple Maintenance Tips - Renault Car Windshield

The windshield of your Renault car has more functional benefits than aesthetic value. They act as the essential barrier between the cabin the external elements. The windshield provides structural support to the roof of the car in case it is involved in a roll-over accident. You can say that the car front glass price is the amount of the safety of the passengers.

Windshields, however, don’t receive as much attention as other components like the engine or tires although they are equally important, if not more. All in all, you must take good care of the windshield to avoid repair and replacement costs. Here’s how you can do that:

Find a suitable place to park

It is particularly hard to find a good spot to park your car in busy cities. Moreover, the amount of sunlight Indian cities receive is high, and therefore you ought to park your car under the shade. All is well if you have a garage to park your Renault Duster or Captur, otherwise, you need to find another type of shade. Prolonged exposure to sunlight reduces the lifespan of the windshield due to high temperatures. Moreover, it can worsen small damage on the windshield. Therefore, find a spot to park in the shade.

Maintain the wipers

Wipers clean the windshield but they can scratch it over time as well if not maintained. Dirt and sand accumulate on the wiper blades and they can scratch the windshield if not cleaned regularly. Ask the mechanic to inspect your wipers and replace the blades immediately if you notice scratches or stress marks on the windscreen. Cleaning the wipers is simple and a quick job so we suggest that you do it every time you clean your car. Inquire about Renault Duster windshield price if the wipers have excessively scratched the windshield as you will have to replace it soon or later.

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Don’t slam the doors

Even though cars are manufactured after exhaustive tests and with the best materials, they are not unaffected by force. Slamming the doors send vibrations through the frame of the car and can worsen chips or cracks in the windshield apart from displacing their position. Therefore, ensure that you shut the doors properly.

Get the chips repaired immediately

A number of things like a flying pebble or a falling twig can chip the windshield of your Renault car while driving. As mentioned earlier, chips and cracks can worsen due to high temperatures or impact while driving. It goes without saying that you must get the chip repaired as soon as you notice it. You will have to get a Renault windshield replacement if it has incurred 3 or more chips as they compromise the integrity of the windshield.

Clean the windshield with certified products

It stands to reason that the windshield cannot be cleaned with any odd cleaners. Ammonia-based cleaners are especially harmful are they discolor the glass and damage the tint. You may use vinegar to clean the windshield. The best way to clean them is to use original products manufactured by companies to clean the windshield.

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