5 Small Business Ideas for Beginners

If you have just finished school or university, the most possible thing is that you are looking for a profitable business idea to start your life in the real world.

It is incredible the number of young entrepreneurs who, like you, are emerging today because, let’s be honest, it is much more satisfying to be your own boss and that the effort of your work does not take another. So today I present 5 business ideas to make money online (and outside it) where you just have to invest a little and with which you put your own hours earning the salary that you propose.

5 Small Business Ideas for Beginners

First of all, you need to identify a demand not met in the sector or in the segment in which you intend to act. It can be a problem for which there is no solution or improvement process, either with a superior quality, a more competitive price or a differentiated service. To be certain that the idea is viable and justified in the business ecosystem of the region; it is worth investing in a market analysis. Thus, you can understand the profile and the demands of the consumers, the situation of the competition and the possible commercial relations with the suppliers. Then, think about some ideas to establish a small business and evaluate the options according to your reality:


In the list of business ideas for young entrepreneurs we have business online. There are three reasons why I recommend this type of business for young people: first, because they know very well how to use the computer and the internet, and the use of social tools such as face book, twitter, etc.

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Secondly, it requires little investment; which is the key for the young entrepreneur to obtain success via starting a small, and to grow it little by little both in his experience and in large investment.

And three, it takes time, and that’s something that when you leave the university you have plenty.



The freelance is to do jobs from programming, write articles, create a website, translate a document, or any work that can be sent online. In this business idea for young entrepreneurs, it is not necessary any investment, but the capacity and time to develop the task.

For example, you will have to “auction” your work on a specialized page (such as freelance.com, Upwork.com), negotiate a price and time for delivery, develop the work and deliver it by mail. In this work, Young entrepreneurs have an advantage over the rest of the population: they have an almost natural knowledge of technology. This is an advantage to take advantage of in a business.

For example, some business ideas may be:

    • Be a social media consultant (face book, twitter, etc.) for companies
    • Make internet pages
    • Teach adults to use their computer



Many young people are interested in everything that has to do with sports and their physique. This is a business opportunity to start your coach service. There are several options in this case, from teaching a sport, to giving personalized training to lose weight via You tube or any other platform.


This business for young entrepreneurs is very profitable on the internet. Moreover, it is best for those students who know the subjects very well, and can teach other people properly with proper explanation of topics so that the students can pass their exams easily.

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The alternative to starting a business of your own is to continue the family business. There are several situations that you have to take care of in this idea. It is recommended that you have a good relationship with your family, be interested in the business, and have knowledge and skills to manage it.

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