5 Steps to Write an Essay in Less Than an Hour

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Most of the students have a perception that writing great essays is a difficult process. A good essay is one that has the capability to draw attention of the audience. If you are unable to maintain reader’s interest in an essay, then there is no point that you can write a great essay no matter how informative your essay is. There are many tricks that are used for captivating the readers into an essay, but for some reasons students do not get an idea how to use them effectively that eventually destroys the quality of a great essay. There is also a type of student who does not believe that he or she can write great essays and rely on others by saying to them: Will you Do My Dissertation For Me? Or can you do my essay fast? Here are 5 simple steps that can help you create a great essay in less than an hour:

5 Steps to Write an Essay in Less Than an Hour

Step 1: Determining the Theme

This is a step of utmost importance, because all of your essays will be depending on the theme. For this purpose, you should ask yourself certain questions to determine the theme of an essay, and these questions are:

  1. What is the purpose of your writing?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What message do you want to spread through your essay?

If you can answer the preceding 3 questions, then you can definitely be able to come up with a good theme for an essay.

Step 2: Researching for the Theme

Now you have knowledge of what to type in the Google search bar, so go ahead and find relevant information about the topic that you have decided for an essay. The research material will help you create an outline for your essay. If you are fully satisfied with the material, only then you should start making an outline.

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Step 3: Writing the Arguments

No doubt, thesis statement is the backbone of a great essay, but arguments which are especially created to support the claim are important as well to write an essay. Overcrowding a page with words without a meaning at all will end you up without anything. So, make sure that you craft arguments, which are reliable, trustworthy, and most of all powerful.

Step 4: Structuring the Essay

The organization of your essay should be well defined. A hook, background information, and thesis statement should be included in the introduction. Topic sentences, supporting sentences, and evidences or examples should be a part of essay body. You will need to restate your thesis statement in the conclusion by making readers agree with your viewpoint.

Step 5: Revising the Essay

You need to strictly check your essay for grammatical mistakes, sentence structures, and spelling mistakes. It is recommended to check your essay time and again to trace the minor flaws, as well.

Your essay will be ready if you carefully follow the preceding 5 steps. If you follow the above steps, then you will hopefully get an A for essay. Final words of advice are that you should be creative and original if you are writing a great essay.

Author Bio: Sarah Taylor is a “Senior Writer”. She provides help to students for writing great essays. Students can ask her for help if they need essay writing assistance.

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