5 Striking Centre Pieces for Adding the Missing Spark to Your Event Decor

Event Decor

If you think that your event is missing the wow factor, then you can go for adding the right centrepieces. They tie the event décor with the dinning setting and help to glamorise the otherwise dead tables.

The centrepieces not only add an air of grandeur and extravagance but also turn out to be the talking point for many of the attendees. In the venue space they can also become the point of focus. The taller centrepieces are very much popular and they enhance the aesthetics of any event.

Event Decor

As they are quite expensive so you need to consider the size of the table and your budget prior to deciding the view of the guests while ordering these pieces. Here are some essential examples for inspiring you. Just read on.

  • Orchids That Are Lighted Up – For any event that has reduced lighting or is hosted in the evening, the light-up furniture has always been a good idea. You can light up white orchids as a centrepiece. Apart from that, you can also install spotlights on the table so that the attendees can get to know what they are doing. You can also go for trailing orchids that provide a great view on the top of the tall stem.
  • Floral Looming from the Above – You can offer a feeling of intimacy to your event specially if there are low ceilings with extra-tall centrepieces that have beautiful flowers looming over tall stems. You can try candle-mood lighting with the flowers with long stems being placed in a crystal clear glass vase that accentuates the lighting perfectly. The flowers loom above and so help to create a simple approach. So this is a minimalistic approach that everyone will love.
  • Pedestal Mirror – In order to create a lavish effect you can go for a splendid mirror pedestal upon which you can place a flower bouquet in an ornate vase. Apart from creating a talking point these three tiers make it very interesting to look at. The mirrors give a great photo opportunity but it can sometimes serve as an obstruction of view for some of the guests.
  • Wiring the Lights Up – You can also opt for multi-coloured LED lights and place them below in a thin tube which shines all through the tubing. But what makes this centrepiece stand out is the individual orchid that remains at the top of the tubing after being threaded with the coil inside the tube. Choose white colours as they can light themselves up in any colour without any effort. This also gives you an option to change the colour of the tube all through the event.
  • Balloons – This is one of the simplest way to create a centrepiece. This can be created after you are at the venue. Attach the balloons to a weight and keep it on the centre of the table. You can also choose balloons pertaining to the colour scheme of your event that will make those more relatable.
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Just like chair hire is essential for any event similarly, these centre pieces are also imperatives if you want your event to turn out to be a chic and elegant occasion that people will remember for many years to come.

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