5 ways a mobile app can save your life

5 ways a mobile app can save your life

In today’s age, technology has evolved to a point where it has made life extremely easy for us. With a smartphone in our hands, we can control many aspects of our life at the touch of a button. From paying our bills without setting foot in the bank to keeping our health in check through brilliant use of telehealth software, technology is working wonders.

5 ways a mobile app can save your life

Another area in your life where technology can lend you a helping hand is your personal wellbeing. According to Adweek, four out of five smartphone users check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up. 80% of those say it’s the first thing they do in the morning.We live in dangerous times where bad luck can befall anyone. Usually, in times of distress, the nearest thing you have to protect yourself is your smartphone. With new advances in technology, your smartphone can do so much more than just let you dial emergency services to come and help you. Whether you are stranded alone in a dangerous situation or are all alone at home with a debilitating disease, smartphone apps can make your lives a whole lot easier.

Though there has always been a market for mobile apps that are made to secure the wellbeing of their users, this niche boomed after the recent increase of disasters and terror attacks throughout the world. In the aftermath of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan, Facebook launched their Safety Check Tool in 2014that mapped out all the users in the affected area and asked them to mark themselves safe/unsafe on Facebook so they could update their loved ones about their status.

This incident pushed developers to create more apps and design more telehealth platforms that would help users in different scenarios where their wellbeing was threatened.

Here are five apps that could be incredibly helpful for you to take care of your personal safety.

1-Medical ID

In today’s age, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that would not have a lock on their phone. While this goes a long way in protecting your privacy in case the mobile falls into wrong hands, this also proves as a hurdle when people need to access your contacts in the case of an emergency. Think of it like this, what happens when you get into an accident or are injured and people have no idea who to contact. Since you are in no position to let them know this and they cannot access your phone, precious time might be lost in identifying you and finding your emergency contacts. This is where apps like Medical ID come in. The Medical ID is an ingrained app in iOSthat displays all useful information about you at the touch of a swipe on your lock screen. Not only does it tell people about which people to contact in case of an emergency, it also displays other useful information like your blood group. In medical emergencies, where time is of the utmost importance, apps like these can save millions of lives. These apps can let people know if you are a donor or not if you have allergies to any specific medications or any conditions that might play a role in your medical care. All you need to do is set it up beforehand so in case tragedy does befall you, your app has your back.

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2-First Aid by American Red Cross

How many times have you wished that you had basic knowledge of first aid so you didn’t have to rush to a hospital every time you got a minor burn or scrape? Though it is extremely important for everyone to have at least basic knowledge of first aid, many few people do. Knowing how to do first aid empowers you to better help yourself and others around you in case of emergencies. The First Aid app is an app available on both Android and OS and has been developed by American Red Cross. The app is an all in one package that encompasses information on everything for emergency first aid to disaster preparation. Inside the learn tab, you can find basic first aid lessons that will give you an overview on how to administer first aid in different scenarios. It contains diagrams as well as videos to make sure that users get a thorough understanding. Another tab called the Emergency Tab provides instructions on emergency first aid as well as an option to contact 911. Other features available on this app include tips on how to prepare for incoming disasters and links to other resources of Red Cross. Delay in the administration of first aid or the delivery of wrong first aid can often have long-lasting repercussions for the patient. With this app, you will always be prepared to help yourself or others in need.

3- Siren GPS

Did you know that when someone calls 911, the emergency service provider cannot track their exact location? When you reach out to 911 for help, they can track your location only in relation to the nearest cell phone tower. Tracking your location from the cell phone tower to the exact place where you take time and effort and you know how even the difference of seconds can mean the distinction between life and death in emergency scenarios. Siren GPSis a mobile app that aims to solve this problem. This app gives first responders your exact location so they can reach you as fast as possible. The time that would usually be spent finding your exact location can now be better utilized in trying to save you with the help of this app. Furthermore, this app allows for real-time conversation between people even when there is no cell phone service, which often happens during natural disasters. The app connects people and emergency responders on a single platform so they can stay in constant touch with one another in times of emergencies. With just one single tap of a button, your location will be shared with the police, firefighters or paramedics.

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4- Companion

How many times have you gotten off late from work or university and have had your heart pound in your chest with every step that you took on a deserted road? Crime Rates are soaring across the USA and every day you read or hear a story about someone being attacked while walking home alone. Companion is an app developed by students from the University of Michigan. The basic purpose of this app is to make you feel safe when you are alone. Through this app, you can request anyone you want to keep track of you till you get home safe and sound. Your chosen person gets to track your movements through GPS. This app can also detect any unusual movements or patterns in your commute. Once an unusual pattern is detected, the app asks you if you are okay and gives you fifteen seconds to respond. If you do not respond within the given fifteen seconds, then your phone will turn into an alarm and keep emitting loud noises to scare away threats. It also gives you an option to instantly call the police if you feel unsafe or threatened.

5-Doctor on Demand

Though a knowledge of first aid and the internet at your disposal can go a long way in helping you in case of emergencies, sometimes the problem is too dire to be solved by anyone who is not a licensed healthcare professional. In just minutes, you can talk to a healthcare professional that can help you diagnose, assess and treat your problem. While the app is not free, any money you spend on the app will be a small price that you have to pay for your good health. Often times, people sit on their problems because they do not have the time or money to go and visit a physician. In the end, they only set foot in a hospital after the problem becomes too dire to ignore. Every year, thousands of people end up in hospital emergency rooms with medical issues that started out small but escalated after being ignored. With this app, you can get the advice and professional expertise of a healthcare professional from the comfort of your own home.

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Your smartphone can do so much more than just being an outlet for entertainment and communication. With these apps and many more like them, you can secure your personal safety. Your cell phone is one thing that you may always have on you and it is the one thing that will help save your life in any untoward situation if you use it wisely.

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