5 Ways To Create Content that Will Attract Backlinks in 2020

5 Ways To Create Content that Will Attract Backlinks in 2020

Almost everyone understands how important it is to work with content. However, most (even those using content marketing strategies) don’t know how to properly combine their content with their desired marketing goals.

This article is dedicated to the types of content that best help increases the number of backlinks to a site and, as a result, strengthen its position in the top of search engines.


Infographics are one of the most popular types of content for building a website’s link mass. A lot of SEO experts consider it a cornerstone of a link building strategy and an effective link building tool.

How to use infographics (to increase the number of links)

Creating a successful infographic:

Topic. Choose a topic that is most relevant to your target audience and make it as specific and peculiar as possible. (for example, if you are social media-oriented, focus on one popular platform).

Collection and processing of data. It’s best to do original research. Let the facts naturally shape the article.

Visual design. Use large fonts and highlight all the key points so that they are immediately evident.

White papers

A high-profile link network requires links to lead to something worthwhile. This means that you need such content that you can also use to attract customers through the sales funnel and provoke other actions.

White papers are best suited for this – reliable resources with in-depth research on a topic that is important to your audience. Content like this serves two purposes at the same time: it builds trust in you and solves the client’s problems.

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However, as with infographics, the quality of the content plays a key role.

How to use white papers

It takes a copywriter or editor and a lot of time to create a white paper.

Choose a topic that is attractive and relevant to your audience. (Yes, this is the first step for each type of content).

Don’t overdo it with self-promotion. The white paper is not a handout, but a solution to a problem. Try to inform and convince readers.

Present information logically and objectively. Your arguments should lead to a conclusion. All claims must be substantiated.

Visualise. Remember, the charts are content too.

Strive for perfection. Editing is especially important for formats of this length.

Correct word order, spelling mistakes and any floating thoughts.

Fortunately, white books, like e-books, sell themselves. If you have chosen the right topic that excites your audience, people will share the link for the sake of it.

Data and research

Nothing excites social media like the release of new data.

How to use data and research

For good research, you need five things:

A good reason. Find a question that worries your audience and create something that they come to share. Ideally, this topic will affect your entire industry and generate widespread interest.

Reliability. Before attempting to make an authoritative contribution to a niche, you need to earn a certain reputation. It may take several publications before they start to listen to you.

A clear strategy. As with any type of content, you need a plan. Before you start exploring the data, decide what the purpose of your research is, how the data will be used, and what effect you want to achieve.

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One of the reasons why research is becoming great key content is its versatility. You can leverage your unique research by turning it into any type of content, including the other four from this article. Do you have a lot of statistics? Turn them into infographics. Have you found a way to turn the game around? Publish your white paper. Have you figured out how to get around a number of difficulties? Create a series of videos. The possibilities are endless.


In most cases, webinars are used to build relationships with customers in the middle of the sales funnel. At this stage, they provide additional information, pay attention to sensitive issues, or involve a dynamic format such as questions and answers. In most cases, marketers don’t use webinars to generate links.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You just need to be creative. For example, invite influencers to a webinar. Another great idea is a good quality event streaming – it can bring you trust, links, and support in the long run.

How to use webinars

Include hyperlinks in your webinar. Use embedded links or chat to get your viewers actively involved in the process. This is a great presentation move.

Promote your webinar. Announce it on social media and promote it before the release date. Publish information about it on your blog, in mailing lists and contextual advertising (if you can budget it).

Send out questionnaires to attendees after the webinar. Rate this webinar to help your audience. Tell them about the new webinars coming soon.

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Videos are another popular choice when it comes to link building. A lot of SEO experts have used video in link building, and many of them consider it effective.

Of course, when the internet is so crowded with videos, you have to work hard to get noticed. You need to have a good understanding of what your audience is thinking, what drives them, what frustrates, what makes them laugh. And only then is it worth the time, effort, and budget to create the right video.

How to use videos

Link inflow starts with a good video. To create a video that grabs attention, consider the following:

Understand what problems your customers have. If your surveys do not help to identify them, use third-party resources and see what questions are most common in your area.

Stick to one style. Set the bar for quality and stick to one scheme. For example, enable an identifiable screensaver.

Use the correct layout. Speaking of YouTube, this means account verification, good descriptions, and concise video content. It is advisable to add subtitles.

Advertise your videos. Use Twitter, FacebookFacebook, Instagram and whatever other platforms your viewers use.


What is the most effective content for generating links? – No one can tell for sure. All the types of content above have one thing in common: they are easy to distribute. Information in this format is easy to digest and easy to share. Be creative and good luck!

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