5 Web Design and Development Predictions for 2018

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Needless to say, the year 2018 is going to be all about a web rich experience all the way. Technologies like virtual reality, voice user interfaces, and machine learning have been honed well, and these now have entered mainstream. In the year ahead, you can expect to see purely clean and simple designs which make way for these highly immersive technologies.

Read on as we go deeper into what web will look like in the year ahead-

1.     Absolutely Flat Design

In 2017, designers and developers across the globe started creating absolutely clean and simple sites for improved mobile performance. The websites which are image-heavy show slowness in loading and frustrate mobile users. These days, the searches on mobile phones are going ever-upward, and mobile friendly designs are considered to be an unavoidable necessity for all websites proving themselves a necessity and not just an option. Absolutely flat designs support the mobile friendly idea.

2.     Expressive Typography

While layouts of the websites are going to be clean and simple, you can see global designers and developers unleash their creativity mostly on the typography. As it has been stated before, quick-loading is really a great attribute both for search rankings and smooth user experience. In a professional web designing landscape which is filled with image-heavy designs, how is a design creator likely to make innovative websites without relying on qualitative and high-resolution images? When it comes to typography and web design 2018 trends, a word is equal to a thousand pictures. Relying on impressive typography to execute the heavy lifting for web design assists websites load in a quicker manner.

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3.     Scroll-Triggered Animation and Animated Logos

Technology in the recent years has advanced like never before, and web browsers are handling animations much better than ever before. Animations in the past used to be very flashy and highly distracting – it is only the truly young now who cannot remember the times of the hamster dance or flying toaster. However, the year 2018 is going to usher in a whole new era of highly subtle and useful pieces of animation. You can expect to see animated logos and scroll-triggered made by the best website designing company in Delhi NCR.

4.     Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes use of technology to connect varied devices to the internet. The finest examples of IoT are smart light bulbs like the Phillips Hue and apps which very effectively help you track down the lost keys. Almost all websites will be making use of IoT technology in the coming year. You can expect to see IoT interfaces on all types of websites which permit you to interact with all smart devices. A smarter site simply means a more complicated backend, but a hardcore web developer will always get you connected by creating an amazing interface which is simple to use.

5.     Virtual Reality Video

In the year gone by, all of us witnessed an incredible rise of video on all types of websites. It seemed as if each and every website had a video introduction, therefore we could see the human faces behind all the products and services that we utilize in our every day life. We also saw a never-before rise in diversified applications and services while making it easier to make videos. Websites in the coming year will be taking videos to a whole new high and immersive place which in the past seemed just like a pure science fiction. So, you can expect to experience websites tricked out with amazing 360 videos, video mapping, 360 modeling, and highly interactive videos created by Top Web Design Company in Noida. It will provide visitors with a whole new web rich experience making them enabled to have more interactivity, more fun, more utility and more of what they want.

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