5 White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Your Website Traffic

Make use of Schema for a competitive edge

Google pays emphasis to a number of factors when it comes to determining the rank of a web page. As page owners, it is important to work on a strong online strategy and optimize your page accordingly to attract a rather large traffic to your web page. SEO techniques help in improvising your website in such a way that all the users are directed towards your website.

Make use of Schema for a competitive edge

A few SEO methods by which you can considerably increase your website traffic are:

1 Make sure your website is mobile compatible

There have been cases where a website appears spectacular on a desktop computer but that is not the case on a smaller, mobile phone screen. Key features like user interface and content are all viewable in its pristine form, but only on a personal computer, and not from a mobile screen. Google released a new update on mobile indexing, It will give more emphasis to a mobile compatible website first. Google also announced that websites which are not user-friendly, be it on any device shall find themselves at the very bottom of the page ranking index. Make sure your website has the right keywords so that it is easily accessible through mobile search.

2 Extra Focus on providing an excellent User Experience

Google has always paid extra importance to provide an excellent user experience. It has always stated that pages that follow all the update Google algorithms will rank high on the pages list. Cleaner the website code, better is the user experience it can provide. What exactly do we mean by user experience? It means providing the user with a clean flow through the website. Everything on the page is easily understandable and all the products are easily accessible by the user. Web page makers are always advised to make a clean run-through of their codes. They should make sure that navigation through the page is easy and smooth and also, the code should be free of bugs.

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3 Carrying out a thorough keyword research

Carrying out a thorough keyword research

Google’s keywords planner is an effective SEO tool which website developers make use of. It helps choose the right keywords for your website. The tool also specifies as to what range your keywords fall into. As per modern keyword research practices, it involves the generation of a parent topic followed by a set of supporting keywords. By adding the right amount of information, the specific keywords are generated as per the genre of interest. It is always important to cross-check whether these keywords truly represent what your website deals with. Always select long phrase keywords for better search results.

4 Make sure your website has the best content

Content marketing forms an important wing of a successful website. Google puts a lot of emphasis on content when it comes to page ranking. Content quantity is not something to be put into much focus, rather, the quality and relevance of the content form an important factor. Despite it being a daunting task, more focus should be given to generate quality website content which has the power to reach a wide range of audience. This also improves your company’s brand standing in the market. Content which influences the masses is the best there is. But, care must be taken to ensure that the content is updated from time to time. Outdated content is sure to act as an image spoiler. Hence, it needs to be updated. Every company must have an excellent content generation team which can work towards generating excellent content for the same.

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5 Make use of Schema for a competitive edge

Make use of Schema for a competitive edge

Studies as of 2014 show that only a fraction of the websites made use of the Schema tool provided by Google. However, the numbers have certainly risen over the past few years. What is Schema? The schema is nothing but a collection of different HTML tags which can be added to any webpage. These tags are nothing but extended descriptions which appear on any search page. The schema is most commonly used for generating tags for companies, news, events, products, product reviews, ratings, videos, etc. to name a few.

Some of the benefits of using Schema are as follows:

  • The tags can be very helpful to the customers and they make your website stand out from thousands of other websites on the web.
  • It also helps a search engine understand your page a little better.
  • Through rates can be improved with the help of microdata.

As Google continues to enhance its search engine algorithms, it’s up to the website owners to make utmost use of the tools on offer. This way the traffic to any website can be doubled, tripled or even increased by tenfold. All you need is a smart strategy to take you through the entire process.

Complete and thorough guidance and strategies can all be availed by SEO, SMO etc. marketing service companies. One classic example is HopinFirst, which is an undisputed leader in the segment.

Author Bio: James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology.

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