6 best things to enjoy with Antigua & Barbuda passport!

6 best things to enjoy with Antigua & Barbuda passport!

By: Hassaan Javaid

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Antigua and Barbuda passport is the key to enjoy your life in the sunshine while exploring island’s exciting wildlife and amazing history. The East Caribbean Island, Antigua covers approximately 108 square miles and lie at a distance of 300 miles from Puerto Rico and approximately 1300 miles southeast of Miami respectively.

Both Antigua and Barbuda are part of Leeward Islands where “leeward” is a nautical term which means downwind and opposite of windward. If you’re moving to the island country, here’re a few things you’ll enjoy most.

  1. Zip-line canopy tour

Yet another thing to enjoy best with Antigua and Barbuda passport is zipping through the Caribbean rainforest trees; an activity you once thought only made for Avatars!

Thanks to island authorities and the skilled team behind the Antigua Rainforest Company, it’s possible for everyone to enjoy the Zip-line Canopy Tour.

To participate, you must be at-least five feet tall and the activity is perfect for adrenaline junkies as the tour takes on almost nine zip-lines up to 300-feet high and passes along various intersecting gorges.

  1. Swim with the Stingrays

May sound dangerous but Antigua Stingray City is a perfect spot for adventure­-craving families. The Stingrays kept here are deemed as Caribbean’s Best and the best part is; you can actually touch and feed them while snorkelling in the magnificent coral reefs and many other bright fishes.

The most common breed in the Caribbean waters is of Southern Stingrays that are docile creatures feeding crabs, shrimps, clams, marine worms and smaller fishes; not people so you shouldn’t be frightened to swim along.

  1. The Segway touring

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There’s nothing more adventurous than touring Antigua and Barbuda on a two-wheeled transport part of the Segway Tours. The activity is for kids over 13 years old and last for at least three to five hours including a guide so you can enjoy most of the amazing Antigua’s beaches.

  1. Antigua nature trip

To be surrounded by lush mangroves, best coral reefs, tropical birds and numerous activities is a fun-filled package that you can only enjoy with Antigua and Barbuda passport. A fantastic way to discover the island’s tropical ecosystem is through Antigua nature tour as the trip would take you up, close and personal to the wildlife including Macaws, monkeys and different tropical birds. See if you can spot a Brown Pelican, a Sea Cucumber and perhaps an upside-down Jellyfish. Nature’s always at its best here so there’s more than meets the eye.

  1. Springhill Riding Club

Exploring Antigua on horseback is fun all the way through and Springhill Riding Club sees to it that all the excursions are organised with perfection so that riders can have the best time.

  1. Frigate Bird Sanctuary

The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is part of the Codrington Lagoon National Park that’s accessible via boat ride. The sanctuary is a protected area and among the largest of its kind in the Caribbean with more or less 170 various breeds of birds and above 5,000 Frigate birds.


Apply for Antigua and Barbuda passport today if you wish to enjoy all this and some more!

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