6 Car Seat Cover Materials That Match Your Vehicle And Lifestyle

6 Car Seat Cover Materials That Match Your Vehicle And Lifestyle

Shopping for the right car seat cover for you? Nothing is better than the one suited for your lifestyle.

Are you a busy parent with rowdy little ones? An Uber driver? A pet owner who always bring your pooch on the road? An athletic dude who loves to sweat? Or someone who loves luxury cars? Whatever that is, it’s important to select the right car seat cover that’ll cater to your needs.

Check out these six car seat cover types and see which would work best for you.

6 Car Seat Cover Materials That Match Your Vehicle And Lifestyle

  1. Velour

Velour is a plush knitted fabric usually made from cotton or polyester. It’s the standard material used by vehicle manufacturers for cloth seats. It’s multipurpose, durable, and affordable.  

  • For folks who don’t like seat covers

If you want to protect your car seats without looking like they’re wearing seat covers, then velour is for you. Velour is a no-frills seat cover designed to resemble the original upholstery in modern vehicles, giving you that vehicle showroom appeal every day.

Velour is known for its extra soft finish and comfort, like velvet. However, it doesn’t offer that much water resistance. These seats can also be a bit warm to sit on during hot seasons.  

  1. Canvas

Canvas is the most favored among all fabric seat covers in terms of durability, water-resistance, and quality. If your lifestyle requires ultimate protection for car interior, you can count on canvas seats to deliver.  

  • For drivers of trucks and trades and agricultural vehicles

Canvas seat covers are extremely durable and resistant to rough stains. If you’re a construction worker, tradesman, or someone who always gets your hands muddy, you need a machine-washable car seat that provides a tough barrier from the dirt, grime, and spills.  

  • For dudes with messy kids and pets
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Worried about kids’ tough food and beverage stains and your pet’s scratch marks, slobber, shedding, and other wastes? Have no fear! Canvas seat covers are here.

The sturdy seat covers provide your seats some dependable protection from the mess your kids and pets can create. It supplies strength and water resistance. Being machine-washable, it provides the ease of cleaning on your end. Comfort, however, isn’t its strongest point.  

  1. Neoprene

Neoprene is a popular fabric seat cover choice for those with an active lifestyle. Like canvas seat covers, neoprene boasts durability and water-resistance. It’s nice and soft, and many users agree that it’s softer and more comfortable than canvas. 

  • For watersport enthusiasts

Neoprene is popular among surfers and avid beachgoers who want to head home with 100% moisture-proof seats. It’s made of the same material as wetsuits, which is 98% rubber. You’ll be provided with a comfortable, flexible, water-resistant cushion, and easy spot-cleaning.

For the similar reason, neoprene’s water-resistance works best during rainy months. 

  1. Mesh

Whether you have an active lifestyle or you just reside in a place with a hot environment, mesh seat covers got you covered in times of perspiration.

  • For sports and fitness buffs

Maintaining an athletic lifestyle is nice, but all that perspiration, dust, and dirt aren’t, for they can leave an unpleasant odor inside your car. Mesh allows air to get underneath the seat covers, providing less sweat and improved circulation.  

  • For sweaty peeps who endure humid temperatures

Living in a naturally hot environment? High-quality mesh seat covers feature layers of breathable spacer-knit fabric to resist moisture and keep your seat cool. 

  1. Leather
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Leather seat covers don’t just add a luxurious appeal to your vehicle– they are also crafted from treated fabric that’s comfortable and less susceptible to spills and stains. It is extremely durable and easy to maintain, making it perfect for low-maintenance car owners.  

  • For those looking for a luxurious appeal

Wanting to level up your interior appeal? A set of genuine leather seat covers can transform any ordinary vehicle into looking like a luxury car in no time. They are smooth, breathable, and have that pleasing aroma that everyone likes.  

Such covers generally feature a tan or black finish, but you can find more customized colors if you’re prepared to shop around a bit. For the same feel without breaking the bank, check out leatherette or microsuede seat covers.  

  • For taxi and Uber drivers

Leather, whether it’s genuine or leather look, is the best option if you’re a cab driver, sharing rides with a number of customers every day. The waterproof barrier works to protect your seats from common dirt and stains of potential passengers, including spilled coffee, food crumbs, and vomit. It can be easily cleaned up to look good as new for the next passenger.  

  • For those with young kids who love to spill things

Again, leather or leatherette covers are a stylish way to protect your car upholstery from stains and spurts your messy kids (and partner) might leave behind. They can be easily wiped down on the spot if dirtied, unlike cloth seat covers.

Aside from the higher price tag, the main challenge for leather lovers would be the uncomfortable temperature; it can get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  

  1. Sheepskin
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It goes without saying that sheepskin seat covers are the most luxurious and comfortable of them all.  

  • For a posh and comfortable ride

You also know you’re going to have the coziest and best-cushioned ride ever when you enter a car with sheepskin seats. The thick pile of sheepskin also provides an earthy extravagance, unlike any other seat covers.  

  • For folks who are sensitive to the heat or cold

Unlike leather, sheepskin offers good climate control. It is warm in winter and cool in summer – just how you want it.

The major downside is sheepskin seat covers can be very expensive. Next, to the price of the material, the upkeep, which requires dry-cleaning, might be heavy on the budget. 

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is one of the daytime writers for The TuffSeat, a leading supplier of genuine accessory seat covers to the Australian car market, offering vehicle-specific covers for top brands including. Toyota, Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi, Hino, Fuso, Isuzu Trucks, and more. She loves writing about automobiles, travel, and lifestyle.

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