6 tips to prevent pests at home

6 tips to prevent pests at home

Do you have insects, rodents or other pests in your home? If so, you should know that a single cockroach in your home is enough reason for you to use insect repellent or to call a professional in pest control. But instead of waiting to act against insects and rodents, immediately use these tips that we give you below. The fewer pests you have feeding, housing or raising outside your home, the fewer problems you will have inside. The elimination of the conditions in your home that attract pests prevents their appearance.

6 tips to prevent pests at home

How to prevent the appearance of pests in the home

In the kitchen

  • Limit where you eat: Establishes a rule that eating is only done in the kitchen and dining room. The fewer areas that have been exposed to crumbs and food waste, the less risk there will be of an invasion.
  • Clean the floor daily: Whether you choose to sweep or vacuum, clean the floor daily. Food and waste should be removed quickly so that insects are not attracted to the disaster. Losing a day may be enough to attract unwanted visitors to a feast of crumbs.
  • Clean up any spills: Just as your dirty soil can become an invitation to pests, areas with spills throughout the kitchen can attract insects. Make sure you move furniture and appliances to clean up all the waste from a spill.
  • Wash the dishes: Waiting to wash the dishes is not a great idea. Even soaked dishes can be an attraction for insects if they are left for a prolonged period of time. When you wash the dishes, be sure to remove the water from any dish and clean the sink.
  • Clear the drain: Make sure you clean any slow-moving drain. Many insects go in search of water. Make sure you repair any leaky drains and drains  in your home.
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In the pantry

  • Clean the bottles: After using a bottle or jug, make sure to clean the outside of the bottle and the lid. The residue in your honey or oil containers can be an attraction for insects.
  • Store food properly: Be sure to store items in the pantry in properly sealed containers. Consider keeping many of your dry products like sugars, flours, and bulk mixes in airtight containers. Even the most commonly used items, such as cereals, pasta and pet foods, should be in re-closable containers.
  • Be careful with fruits and vegetables: Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent for our nutrition, but they can be a problem in the pantry if they are close to spoiling. Use or throw fruits and vegetables that have passed their best. Those fresh and ripe foods will attract ants, fruit flies and many other pests.

In cabinets

Clean clothes before storage: Dirty clothes will attract insects. Therefore, before throwing all winter coats in the back of your closet, take the time to dry wash them or wash them before storing them. Storing clothes in properly sealed containers will also go a long way in preventing an infestation.

In the trash

  • Clean recyclable materials: Be sure to rinse recycled plastic, glass and metal containers.
  • Clean garbage containers: Washing the inside and outside of garbage and recycling containers is a monthly job. It is easier to do this task outdoors with a garden hose and a long-handled brush. You can use a toilet brush that works well to clean hard-to-reach areas of trash cans.
  • Close your trash: Trash tops will keep insects out, trap odors and prevent infestations. Choose cubes with lids when you buy garbage cans and recycling bins.
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External areas

  • Do not keep the wood inside: Wood, including wood, should not be stored inside your home. This includes the garage. Wood stored inside a house or even stacked right next to a house can be a point of entry for a pest. Instead, stack wood away from the house and make sure there is room for the air to circulate in the fire. This will keep the wood dry and make it less desirable for local insects.
  • Prune the foliage near the house: The shrubs and trees, and even the flower bed that touch the outside of your home can help provide additional entry points for insects. Cut out these items to reduce the risk of an infestation.
  • Avoid standing water: Holes filled with water, children’s toys and even birdbaths can be an invitation for insects. Eliminate places that can be filled with rainwater. For birdbaths, consider draining and filling as often as possible to avoid pests.

Cracks and gaps

Inspect the entire exterior of your house for other cracks and holes through which pests may enter. Check for cracks in the base, loose coating, roof tiles missing, and spaces around incoming supply lines, including pipes, electrical cables, and cables in general. Seal openings with copper mesh or thick steel wool.

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