6 Unforgettable Birthday Gift Surprises for Your Best Friend

6 Unforgettable Birthday Gift Surprises for Your Best Friend

We all have friends in this world. Each friend is a special one. But some are more special. We call them best friends. They become a so close part to our life that we can do anything for them. It’s not duty; it’s what we love to do. We do feel happy to see our best friends happiest. Surprises are the best part of making best friends happy. All you want to make him/her is to remember you forever for such surprises. Here are six unforgettable birthday gift surprises for your best friend.

1) Birthday Lady Date

 Birthday Lady Date

It is not always the conventional date that we all know. Sometimes, take your best friend as your date on his/her birthday. Trust me, it will be more fun. As you are so comfortable with your best friend, it will be easier. Go to his/her favorite place. Take him/her on a movie date. There is basically nothing that you don’t know about your best friend. So, it can be an exciting one, if you both try to explore something new. It can be anything. But don’t forget to take her/him for a dinner. And her favorite dessert must end the day with the sweetest mood ever. This is the best ideas to make your event extra special.

2) Weekend Trip

Weekend Trip

Weekend trip is a fun. But you both need to adjust your time for that. So to have a weekend trip on his/her birthday, you have to plan earlier. Book a beach house or rent a cabin. It can be only you and your best friend. Or it can be a group of close friends. If both of you are planning to go, plan to have a quiet and quality time. But if it is a group trip, make a prior plan to have fun.

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3) Special Gift

 Special Gift

Any gift to your best friend on his or her birthday is a special one. A flower bouquet is even so common as a gift, but what matters is the person is special. So, you don’t have to think hard about a special gift. But, anything self made will be closer to the heart as it will stay forever. To a long distance best friend, a hand-written letter will bring tears to him/her. To a regular best friend, you can gift a hand-made wrist bid band. Wear a similar kind of wrist band too. This will portray how strong bonding with him/her too. A photo-frame with both of your photos together will keep both of you close to each other’s heart. You can go for birthday balloon delivery sites to have a beautiful balloon gift as an ‘add on’.

4) Spa Day

Spa Day

You love your friend as he/she is. But it is a social duty for you to keep him/her looking attractive. This is what everyone does for their best friends. Take him/her to a mani/pedicure treat to his/her favorite parlor. To irritate him/her, keep reminding him/her how old he/she has become these days. That will be the funniest part as he/she won’t be able to do anything to you at that time.

5) Out-of-the-Ordinary Visit

Out-of-the-Ordinary Visit

give your best friend an out of common gift. Explore your city. Every city has some special places that less people have seen. It can be a so called haunted house or a museum. Have a search in Google and plan a day out with him/her. This will be the best birthday for him/her ever. It has more engagement to the person than buying birthday gifts online. Anything exciting is best to have best friend to share. Your city visit will always remain incomplete without your friend. Or another unusual thing you can choose to do is to go back to the first place where all this has started. This will make both of you nostalgic and will have a great time.

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6) For the Jewelry

For the Jewelry

It is more applicable for a girl-best friend. Girls love for jewelries is very common. A necklace or a pair of earring is always welcome to her closet no matter how many she has. Being a best friend, you know her choice very well. Whatever you gift her, it will always be her favorite.

A best friend is always close to your heart. But making his/her birthday the most special is all you want. The above ways can make his/her birthday one of the most unforgettable one.

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