6 Ways to make life easier with cancer


Maintain a healthy diet

Always try to have a balanced diet. You get energy and strength from a nutritious diet. Here’s what a balanced diet consists of:

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens
  • Whole grain food
  • A very low-fat dairy food
  • Lean meat such as chicken and fish

Do not consume or avoid:

  • Processed foods like chips, burgers, fries, etc
  • Red meat such as mutton, beef, etc
  • Desserts made of sugar and fat
  • High-fat dairy like cheese and heavy cream

Have enough protein and calories to have enough energy throughout the day. Sometimes, side effects like vomiting, problem with swallowing, constipation, etc., might make you not feel like eating. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist about changes in your diet to eat enough healthy food.  visit here

Exercises and workout 

Exercise every day. You might not feel like exercising few days, but moving your body is very important for your physical and mental health.

Exercising every day can improve your mood by releasing happy hormones called oxytocin. In addition, it will make your muscle stronger and improve your balance. As a result, your chances of getting tired and depressed are reduced, and even your life expectancy increases.

Talk with your doctor before you start. Your doctor may be able to recommend exercises based on what works best for you. Then, after you get some guidance, pick activities that you enjoy.

Aim for 30 minutes of exercise daily. Talk with your doctor before you start. Your trainer will be able to give you advice on what type of exercise is best for you. Try practicing yoga, as yoga can be very calming.

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Try and maintain a healthy weight  

Cancer can affect your weight a lot. During treatment, you may lose weight because you don’t want to eat or suffer from uncomfortable side effects. But, some cancers tied to hormones, like breast and prostate cancers, some treatments can make you gain weight. In addition, changes in your routine might also make you gain weight.

Cancer can change your weight drastically. Sometimes, patients tend to gain weight while they lose weight. 

 Consult with your doctor to determine your ideal weight, then use a combination of exercise, eating well, and healthy habits to achieve that goal-like not spending too much time in front of the tv. Your medical team can develop other suggestions to help you maintain the weight you need.

Choose the Right Cancer Center

The easiest way to make your life simpler before a cancer diagnosis is to find the right hospital for your case. 

A significant number of cancer patients have survived cancer by opting for the right treatments. Half the worry is gone when you are at ease about the quality of treatment you are getting. You should be able to judge your hospital by the kind of treatment you are getting, experienced doctors, and the healthcare team. 

For example, many advanced cancer hospitals in Bangalore are:

  • Equipped to treat early and advanced-stage cancer, including Robotic surgery, an advanced procedure proven to reduce recovery time for patients
  • Has a multi-disciplinary team of oncologists (surgical, medical, and radiation oncology)
  • Offers advanced infrastructure such as Robotic surgery, an advanced procedure proven to reduce recovery time for patients, and stereotactic radio surgery, a specialized way to target small cancers e.g., in the brain
  • They have a dietician who can help you with your diet throughout your treatment and after treatment
  • They have a team of onco-psychologists who will help you with dealing with your mental health during and after cancer treatment as it could be devastating to learn that you or your loved ones have cancer
  • They have a support group, which includes cancer survivors. This can be motivating to the patient and be very helpful in their journey
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When you know that your hospital is doing the best for you, your worry about the treatment ends and you will have plenty of time to work on other things which make you happy. 

Get in touch with people close to you

It is important that you have people you love supporting you during these hard times. Whether it is for the bills, household work, or going for a doctor’s appointment, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, talk to someone you trust about your feelings. Besides family and friends, you might also want to join a support group. Having conversations with people who are experiencing the same things as you can help you feel less alone. Support groups can be found at your doctor’s office or online. 

Do Things You Love

When you have cancer, it can feel as though everything has changed. Now is the perfect time to figure out what’s really important to you. Enjoy all the things you like, and spend time with the people you love.

Creating a new normal lifestyle and routine is essential, but being flexible to the changes that come will be equally important.


We understand that a patient’s life changes enormously once you get diagnosed with cancer. There is no doubt about feeling confused and overwhelmed about the treatment, doctors, and the hospital. However, try considering all the advice mentioned in this article before starting your treatment.

Now that you know you have cancer, focus on how to beat cancer rather than worrying about it. Any disease cannot survive in a happy body, and a happy body comes from a happy mind. So relax! Have faith in your doctors, your body, and yourself. You are stronger than cancer.

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