7 Awesome Games to Try For 1st Birthday Party!

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Parties are always special, but when it’s your kid’s 1st birthday party, then you put all your efforts to make the best party. In a party, it is important to arrange a number of things that include the decoration, gift, engagement of guests and much more. If you want to head your party with fun and excitement, then here are 7 awesome games to try for 1st birthday party in a good sequence because a good game plan will make a party a smashing success.

1. Bubble Wrap Race

Bubble Wrap Race

This is a wonderful game which can be played by the kids over 3 years. You should have to arrange the game for all age kids or guests. If in your party, the kids are over 3 years, then this game idea will be the right choice. For this, you just need the space along with a lot of bubble wrap. It can be enjoyed by the kids and help the kids to engage in the fun activities. The kids will enjoy the party more, but before playing, instructs the kids that how to play the game.

2. Soft Play

Soft Play

If you want some safe game that can be easily played by the kids then the soft play is one of the best options. A section for soft play is the fun and safe place for the kids, especially for toddlers. It is a good idea for the babies or toddlers and you can engage the bigger age kid in some other game activities like a musical chair or other games. You can create the soft play game by your own, just place a soft mat in some place to create a baby zone in the room, and then fill the space with the soft blocks, foam balls that kids can play easily.

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3. Bubbles Catching

Bubbles Catching

Another game for the kids is bubbles catching. It is also a fun game, and everyone enjoys the fun of bubbles. For playing this game, you can give the plastic cups to kids and then turn on a bubble pumping machine on, now ask the kids to catch the bubbles, a kid who will catch highest bubbles will win the game. Before playing the game, you have to explain the concept and instruction of the game, so they can enjoy more.

4. Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey

The other game is the hokey pokey. If it is your kid’s 1st birthday party, then it will be a nice game for the party. In this game, the adults or kids have to stand with your child in a big circle. The leader of the game takes their arm and places it forward into the circle, after that the leader of the game will sing Hokey Pokey song and the other members of the game will mimic the leader action. It is really a fun game, but if you plan to play this game, then you must have to check the instructions and explain well to the players. You can also send birthday gifts online to make the moment more exciting and memorable.

5. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

This is really a good game and in this, your 1-year kid can also participate. You have to set a number of sidewalk chalks, and then let the parents or adult kids help the young kids or 1-year kid to draw the picture on the driveway or porch. You can also put some flash cards to give the idea to the players. After that, the kids will do the artwork, then you can capture that artwork in the picture and include it them with a thank you card. This will be really a nice return gift for the guests.

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6. Wagon Rides

Wagon Rides

You should have to arrange some game for young kids, if you want a good sequence of the game, then you must have to include the wagon rides in your party. Decorate the wagon with stickers, balloons, and streamers. You can also look for the beautiful birthday balloons delivery online to decorate the wagon. Now hang the sign on the wagon like “Just Turned One”, then place the birthday kid on the wagon and pull him around the room, so the guest will cheer and wave. In the same way, you can ask the other parents to do the same with their kid.

7. Freeze Dance

7. Freeze Dance

Before starting the party, you must have to create a playlist of songs that include the fun, fast and silly songs. Everyone will enjoy the party songs and one year kid can be held by an adult, so when the leader says “Freeze”, then everyone has to be a freeze in the same position that they are at the same time. After a few seconds, the leader will call out Unfreeze then again the kids have to start the dance. It is really great fun for the kids and guests.

These are the 7 awesome games to try for the 1st birthday party, all games will engage the kids and will make the party memorable and engaging.

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