7 Benefits of Birds of Paradise Yoga

Birds of Paradise Yoga

Are you are the lover of yoga? Have you been looking for the most interesting and up-to-date poses? Birds of Paradise pose will add a new twist to your old yoga workout routine.

The Bird of Paradise is an advanced and challenging yoga pose, and it is named after the beautiful flower that is native to South Africa.  This pose will take deep concentration to get your body to bloom like a bird of paradise.  Do not be discouraged if you do not look good during yoga poses, because if you fall, view it as an opportunity to rise and be better than before.

How to perform the Bird of Paradise yoga pose:

This pose (Bird of Paradise) is designed for people who have been practicing yoga for years, and it is intended to open up the hips and the groin.

Begin in “Warrior Pose II”. Your left leg should be bent, and your right foot should be turned slightly inward.  Your back leg should be straight and firm.  Inhale deeply and raise your arms to shoulder height.  On the exhale, bring your left arm under your left thigh, while your right arm (which should be behind your back) reaches for the sky.  The next step would be to clasp your left wrist with your right hand.  Your left leg remains bent, and your torso will twist gently toward the sky as your hips are pushed forward.

Gaze downward and turn both feet parallel, and then slowly and carefully, begin to move your feet toward each other.  Once your legs are hip distance apart, straighten both of your legs and gently twist your torso to the right.

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All of your weight should be poured into your right foot.  As your torso is lifted, your left leg will be raised from the floor.  The toes of the supporting foot should be spread to help with balance.

Extend the right leg to your side, and be mindful not to swing the hip of the supporting leg to the side.  The goal is to find equality in the ease of this pose, and the stability in this move.  If you feel that your balance is off, revert to the bent leg position.  Do not be concerned if you do not perfect this pose right away, because even if you teeter and fall, consider it an opportunity to raise yourself up, try again, and be better than before.

This pose is fairly simple, but it is considered extremely challenging.  It will require tons of practice, patience, and dedication.  Someone new to the concept of yoga should not attempt the Birds of Paradise yoga pose.

Besides being part of an overall healthy lifestyle, below are the top 7 benefits that are specific to the Birds of Paradise Yoga Pose:

  1. Improves balance and stability, which is extremely important, especially as the person ages.
  2. Over time, your body will become fit, lean, strong and toned,
  3. Mental concentration will improve, because yoga is as much a mental exercise as a physical one.
  4. Brain fog will become a thing of the past as this exercise requires mental focus.
  5. Hips, hamstrings, and groin will be stretched, which in turn will increase overall flexibility.
  6. Legs and calves will become stronger as these are the areas that are targeted.
  7. Internal organs will get a great massage, due to the twisting and stretching involved in this particular pose.
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Although the Birds of Paradise yoga pose is not recommended for yoga newbies, by doing a limited variation of the pose, it will help to loosen up stiff hips and the groin region.  This is a recommended pose for individuals who spend a great deal of time sitting down, such as people who have an office/computer/typing job.

Intermediate yoga students will benefit from the Bird of Paradise pose as it will improve their overall stability and balance of their body and mind.  Stretching is a big part of this pose, and professional athletes will certainly benefit from practicing this type of yoga pose.  To get the most benefit from this pose, the final position should be held for longer periods of time.

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